[D-G] theater performance practitioners?

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 08:56:32 PDT 2005

I am following a track around Performance, like: the destratification of the organism (cfr ATP)
On nummerous occasions, i saw statements on this list people saying: "but it is important to be careful in the destratification process", as DG quoting Artaud and Michaux, etc. "
I think Performance could be confronted to this idea. Then the question: what is this process of destratification of the organism, what does it imply, technically speaking, pragmatically, how could we elaborate the process. More generally, why should we destratify the organism, but more precisely: with what tools, what are the operations. I don't know the context of your research or the quality of your artistry, but the question seems to me full of possibilities, an interesting question what.

Julia Barclay <julia at flyingoutofsequence.org> wrote:

Have not answered yet because all the questions are big and I have been 
incredibly busy and not able to give them time...be patient and I will try. 
thanks for caring about it.



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