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Tue Nov 29 13:33:55 PST 2005

spinoza and the sphinx, the oracle's head and the monsters body, was
spinoza a worshipper of Machiavelli? Is it true that he was a Jew,
excommunicated in 1656 for discovering infinite substance in the
In December Huygens invented the "pendulum clock", the most accurite
type of clock until 1930. in fact, the punduluum of scientific
momentum was in full swing during Spinoza's career. technical schools
were opening up all over England, many founded by haberdashers
(salesmen) and livery corp. to replace more traditional guild schools.
Cromwell re-admittd the jews to England and as a reward minted his
likeness upon the 50/- shilling coin!!! If Hitler was a failed artist,
then Harry S. Truman was a failed haberdasher. Even poland was getting
a taste of what was yet to come, with nearly every non-catholic empire
using its fertile land as a playground for their army-toys. eventually
the greco-roman catholic god stepped in to pax it up nicely.

But weren't a lot of Spinoza's texts printed post-homunously, by
DeWitt and other mathematician-turned-political financiers that were
not attached to a church? Fighting against the house of orange. The
dutch colonists were trying to protect their political banking system
from the Anglo attack, and spinoza provided a lot of secular spiritual
legitmacy back home.

Didn't Oedipus solve the riddle of the sphinx? successfully grafting
the head upon the body, and answering with moral delusion. Who
answered spinoza's sphinx?

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