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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Nov 28 13:28:25 PST 2005

28 novembre 2005, par liz   
  sleeping among html code, messages so uninteresting they do not deserve any answer  ? is it ? WHY no answer, why this discouragment around anything, should we not discuss here ? internet offers loads of possibilities, they’re just not been taken care of. why so ? it’s people write books, they work for eternity i guess. or is it internet’s use of chatrooms, the loads of expressive freedom makes it so people’s with intelligence, send what best there’s in them, outside of internet, in books. a follow up of the book sorcellerie could be thought, created here, on this site, now we’ve read the book with no conclusion, the way the book reaches an audience, can it not be here, because we can write, be on our best part here, but that’s not interesting, we should socialize don’t we ? so why not work to this choose the socialization, we want, determine what society needs to be, while we’re on our own, the best part could get through eventually on some sites aswell. like here ?? like, it would
 not necessarilly be we write about not doing conclusion and the theory could aswell be partly active here aswell. and well it’s because it’s book, so there’s the book code which makes it so, the whole agenda of high taste, real high taste, which made it so Isabelle and Pignarre don’t want to advance how we wish the socius to be. wrong, i say, that’s the role of art, not the arts, but art, that which can theoretically be part of leftist politic, of philosophy, aswell, instead art is not only the standing of galleries and museums, yes, it’s like if we wonder what socius, be, and part what we need society and its construction be, then we need to think art as capable to by the best parts in ourselves determine what’s our or anyone’s choice, and so i disagree with the book idea we can not say what we want and we have to limit ourself with the slogan "another world is possible", for this world needs to be constructed by humans, not by nature, human can gather impressions on the
 philosophic nature of their artistic needs of what this other new world can be, so it’s not useless to discuss this here. 

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