[D-G] darth hitler

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 27 17:35:57 PST 2005

Hitler wanted to be an artist, but in the museum, in Vienna, surrounded by the museum's decorum, got the idea of being an architect. Failed at art school but got no possibility to become architect.
He had then suffered because of women, according to his private views, but the consolating example of the father, and a possibility of doing yet better than the father conforted his aspiration to getting somewhere out of lack of consolation with his developing at this moment idea on society.
Hitler explains how to build propaganda for the nation  as it prepares to reestablish the lost grandeur of the nation he arbors to adore.
Hitler explains that propaganda needs to get to simplest image(s) reaching through the mass, the drive to which anyboday in the mass in there can relate to.
As far as is possible in this direction, until the most remotely stupid human being will be capable to correspond to the extendable demands of his confidents, until hitler can act as the queen of a nation of poo particles poured out of bees anus . I say this because I am not sure, I have just been on Hitler's personal site, exposing his book Mein Kamph to which he owns right of sovereignty in our nation, and as I am just very young, and an animal, but not a bee I am thinking if there is as NZ said, a link between Hitler and the people against which the bee poo particles were fighting, like the Anglo Americans, whom he admires for their propaganda, presenting Germans as Huns.

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