[D-G] Balasan: rumors which spread about me on internet are not false (part 2)

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 15:36:42 PST 2005

  Its a long time I have been fascinated kind of by the act of resistance which my poo could give way to, and desacralyse art, and repsychoanalyse Deleuze Listers. The first step is to spread the rumours, which as I say, are quite relatively founded, that I am an cacamaniack. I need to poo often. In telling it I become free, and hope to spread more rumors, and well it takes time to say.
  Clocks, buildings wait, not yet!
  It is time, and Silence, and Psychopediatrics, and children, and now we take the time, to analyse, we think about why am I so much found of my poo, of anybody's poo. Of mixing somebody's poo with someone esle's poo. Of the resulting atmosphere of scatologic tragic Oedipian 
  and I try to encourage the reader to think I am not so much scatological, as castrated Oedipian gentle, subject to parental self, anhilihating, and castrated by women, as if I was not capable of pooing when I was alone, and there was a nege a vegetative, no, a oh yeahj i scratch my ass, I no, and I prefer generally to stand away from shit.
  Shit is my enemy, its not my wish to be given attention, I could escape the various falling back of scato caca pee pee; sCROUTCH? SCRATCH? SCWATCH SCW A SKWACH SQAW? CROW? CROWL? CAROL? cAROL; cORAL; cOOL; qUEUE? cOUP? cUE;
  I think the Oedipal machines are more important, and could be helping us.

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