[D-G] Balasan: rumors which spread about me on internet are not false

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 15:26:18 PST 2005

Also my poetry. Act of resistance of the object in focus against the image you get of it. But act of signification. Of the object which flee from the anus and which should get to you if you was if you you, well this is actually not what I mean.
  I wannto say, ok i have decided to give away this idea I was mad about caca. And rumors have the power to destroy me. Itwhat I want to destabilize the ego trip of myself, because as I know, I am followed by many ears, and they can disqualify any rectitude in the mirror , and the anal constraints, are vast and still open.
  That's it!

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