[D-G] Balasan: An idea what's in my Mind at this moment

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 15:13:34 PST 2005

Catherine was a more noble soul than I ever was. You might say I am one of the most miserable person.
  I am an asshole. Precisely, it was, or rather, "and so was it", which means she struggled against my wish to spread rumors.
  What I was craving was she would learn something. Even if it was a sickness therapists have discovered, a sort of stupidity of the ego, a weakness of the superego. I tried to bring her closer to my anus. It was already radiant. It was hot, very very hot. Boom! My poo fell like if it was concrete walls. Boom! Boom!
  I kneeled in front of her, and begged she could kiss my shit.
  She disagreed strongly. I am typing all this, I have pooed in my house, there is shit everywhere. I invite her to my house, she says yes, and she comes.
  There is poo everywhere and Boom! her poos mixes with my poo. Our poos are there and we are like the wasp and the flower, anus exchanging poo one to each other.

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