[D-G] Balasan: perfumes of flower

bart twains south_asia_data_flow at yahoo.com.my
Sun Nov 27 14:45:43 PST 2005

Section Oedipal 
  Sector Oedipe
  Link with shit is my ennemy freedom is the ultuimate goal
  Casual liquid of scatology horrible Oedipe magnifying itself
  Its "my Oedipe" it said its "my, as if it was important, Catherine was smelling perfumes now
  she moved away from my scatology, then told me it was Oedipe that made me ask her
  to search for shit in her anus and exposed her Signifiant as the Kingdom of Poo
  and it was Oedipian
  well make it what you want subdivide this poem to restaure its meaning
  and you can divide it, and you will see Catherine flowers agents destroying my shit, cleaning the anus is what is important
  never again use the stupid words of caca, never, never do that.
  OK I clicked. I did not eat for days in fear of seeing some shit come out of my ass. I was clean, lubrificated, crystal regime of sign, with no scatos. It was perfect when Catherine again smelled me
  I was not turning Oedipian. Its not this boundage. Its nothing to do with that. Wedding, still. Fashist Shit nowhere. Capitalist Solid Notes, nowhere, Pure Regime of food. No problem with the Christ, no more problem fixing it. 
  Nobody reading so far in my ass, nowhere, solitude artificial solitary worm eating away all shit.

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