[D-G] impossibility of interactivity on the internet for me

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 23 17:16:22 PST 2005

nice of yous to be sending those faustic remarks and other stuffs. just today i am reading guattari's letters to deleuze. he's so much like when he writes in Mille Plateaux now. it's so beautyful you know?. it's not true that Deleuze remasterized all Mille Plateau, and if he did, much writing in MP is direct Guattari pure absolutely his, like when he Speaches, and also tomorrow Pretzel i go to Performance and other  Julia's workshops IN PerfoRomance, i am explaining Spinoza here, it's perfect. She should say something, PerfOromantize a bit also for you today I hope she does if she doesn't mind.
  All Allo All O Best,
  Litza Kozner ~~xx~~
  PS Are you interested by my thought on Spinoza. I have subscribed to a Spinoza fr group, wish to meditate. but could transfer my remarks here asmuch. Will tell you what with the Perf. bye.
  I have not yet read your letter, will do tomorrow . thank you. its sad its empty here. in 2001 there was Michaeul Chrichmptiknik, there was Strabosmalanit, and Janine Mackintosh. plenty, its was the Palestinian fiesta the whole day , for a whole year. then, forget it.

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