[D-G] impossibility of interactivity on the internet for me

NZ pretzelworld at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 02:36:16 PST 2005

become is like a faust, entering into the commedia play of the world
and holding the stage above ground, the stage is a special place,
keeping it well defined, entertain the audience and make them see that
strata wherein they exist outside of it. like a pear-shaped physics
professor that spawns gay laughter when his back is turned, you can't
force change but try at least a trick to get a laffable position of
unconscious conserving-change. Only on a stage is it possible to show
the characters of the play, describe them, tell the story, its always
the same story anyways (fuck those distracting paradigm shifts) you
already know where they got their funny accents, yes they talk funny
and you yourself boo them off the stage when their jokes aren't funny
any more. puff and laff, seize the moment and freeze it for comedic
effect. ignore those un-funny paradigm shifts that disagreable
assholes asked you to make. when you have tempo control, use it,
prolong it, keep the audience stuck in a state of gefaw, in and out,
up and down, ahh... ha-ha ha loops

make it last as close to forever as possible, just strech the moment
out allong the virtuals and show that they are contained within a
giant loop that is very very very hilarious, give a little but only a
little, keep the most for your grandma in the back row, try hard not
to laff, try not to break character, wink if you must (fuck blink and
fuck marketeers like gladwell or billyberg's n-1 who want to squeeze
inside the tent cuz they are sniffing for your blood), try your best
and then fail marvously, that is always very funny, so do it again,
make mistakes laffable like an art-form, (art is laffable) over and
over and over again, let them laff, and again to only stretch that one
moment and show how all the characters must bend to meet you, using
pace to turn corners, left, right, left, right, left, (5x) like a loop
that is designed to go forward, but can't ever go beyond, that basic
cardiovascular loop, how to control beyond but dont actually go
beyond, show it with breathing in and out and in (3x), let others go
if they think they can, and be glad they are laffed off the stage for
even trying to go, they are bad actors,

just keep whipping that loop against the strata, over and over and
over (3x) again, like a loop that keeps returning to some weasel in a
cage, running loops within loops (2x), pretend to scribble and pretend
to loose control, then actually loose control and do it over and over
again,  loops which outline that space, tracing the inside (the only
place), which cannot go beyond, but only can describe inversely, like
a loop that wants to stop but it is sooo funny because it cannot stop.
it is at the top, that is why it is a loop... when you get to the end,
don't stop, remember the loop, and bang it down harder then the first
time (x, she like it like that), harder and funnier with each loop
(Xx), let the audience go home and still prolong that moment (XxX)
because they will return in 16mins like a loop unto themselves (x),
make the appearance that lasts forever, but do not make it personal,
don't try to go outside of you, let the loop go outside of you, and
trace a shape on the stage that is not for you or your grandma.

scribe, scribble, scribble, and please when you are all done please
disappear (-x) so we can see the clear trace of your body that was
left behind, and so  now we can judge the loops and the scribbles that
were left.behind.right.butthole. there is only one ass, ha-ha! stop
showing yourself and stop being personal... that is for your grandma,
but remember to come back again with your stupid loops and always bang
your cartoon head against the glass top like a bunny hop.

beware of memesis (it obscures all "becoming"), like pinnoccio's
fleshy nose, or like pee-wee herman's shakespearian dramatic career
which can only legally(fallibly) become paul rubins if the dyonesian
world weren't such an apollonean joke, but it is and it is important
to see the differend that it is a part of.  pee-wee's career was cut
short and his loop got lost beyond, not funny, but it should be, but
it can't, because it is too easy to live completely inside like a
drama queen (carnackel-bunny) who is finally given a chance to exit
her loop by becoming a wild-rabbit again.

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