[D-G] Lacan & Badiou. ie. anger, catastrophy of the third kind. Intellection as a form of Happy Anger

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I give a big shut up to the accelerator of my radio flow. I call a
Moderator. I am sick of Bart Twains.

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Elusive aggressive terminology.

    Elusive Airways. Musical Forms are coming out of the Adline Maria

New York and Alabama, Listen, right now, little animals.
transcendental terminology is not reductive only, it gives a way to
appease from the absorbtion of neuro anguishtic intellection.. as only
intellection exist as the possible viable way for the middle to come to
expression, then, as a matter of direct consequence, intellection is
becoming more and more a pseudo ification, and hissification, a
signifiacting hazardous and a neuro medical switchness inch is that,
push it that, is this, arpa harba arbeid bardeiz, baord,, surf, capital
mal makes the cost of schizophrenia OXFAM to pay, arch of misery, you
gorgot. you got gore.

AL GORE IS/WAS Wrong. Bush said. COURNOUX BIDOUILLE! Shit this means in
Old Sanscrit.
intellection needs to be reduced to the size of a angle in a circle. it
means, david bengurion. agressive or whatever you wanna say. make it
happen, speak freely, forget your impression that you are someone and
you need to say according to what you owe to think for anyway Goerge
Bush. Do Tennis. Bizzy Buzz  Internet is good crack. Shut Up you fool I
hate ya. A fact is a fact you know what I mean, load of people getta out
of D.C. And that was it, ya know. Who. Who?


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