[D-G] Yeah it's G R E A T let's share my emotions here aswell

Boba Fett the_mandalorian_fett at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 12:21:04 PST 2005

Why not also share here my ramblings?

I'm a smiling, spontaneous "alien" who enjoys life! I'm very social and feel 
at ease in most situations, I love meeting new people from all horizons. I 
love to talk but I'm a good listener, I'm strong and independent but very 
"mutant-feminine" and gentle. I'm very curious, I love to read CNN Bulletin 
and learn but I also need time to play and party. I love good food and good 
wine, in a nice restaurant or in the middle of the woods on a full moon 
night ;-) Care to join me?

Bobba F.

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