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Mon Nov 7 11:40:51 PST 2005


My own company's advocate (the best gross product in Hong Kong's stock exchange), lover of food not to mention I make the best homemade mac n cheese, light motivates me, bad drivers can irritate me (but not to the point of road rage or anything). I'm not a fan of Hong Kong's traffic and smog, but the weather here is great. I miss New York's energy and intricacy, but Hong Kong suits me nicely. I love lazy weekend mornings with a newspaper and a giant breakfast. I'm a product of both farm and city life, supportive parents, loyal friends, art, cinema, the theater, video games, and my pursuit of the most unique dive bars, the best chocolate milk, the perfect piece of fried chicken and the most savory shabu shabu. I open doors for the ladies and elders. I stay pretty active, running, playing basketball with the guys, tinkering with vintage cars, Of course I can't forget music, what's better than seeing a live show or when drunk enough, dancing to some great hip-hop. I am simple folk, even
 keel and laid back. I like to share, I know there is almost nothing better than being loved and having someone to love back. I'm easy to get along with, or so I'm told. I'll try anything at least once, except line dancing.
Bart Twains
Director President General of S.E.A.D.F.

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