[D-G] edward said, first experiences of nomadology

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Mon Nov 7 02:46:29 PST 2005

the book i have read on Freud and extra-europeans is not the best way to
get into his writing, but now i have started to read Orientalism 1975.
for the deleuze-guattari readers, those who enjoys  these essays on
geology of moral explaining the world by stratas, it is a way to make
the idea of expression and content more concrete, and to see the
civilisation in which we live with limpid clear insights. 

i wish somebody could point me because some dictionnary on "French
Theory" talks about where Said explored the Nomadology notion of DG and
i wish i could know in what book is it he talked about Nomadology -- i
hope somebody here could happen to know of this text and tell me what
s,he thinks in relation to her, his own experience of Edward Said.

thank you

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