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>Date: Tue, 31 May 2005 16:45:41 +0100 (BST)
>I think a reading like the one you talk about and
>which never existed probably in real is like a debate
>on TV, and it's not
>possible to enjoy it and aswell enjoy litterature such
>as is actually DG. If you enjoy debates about DG and
>aswell enjoy DG, you should know by now about
>something is stuck wrong deep with you. if you feel
>enough conscious to be open and ask if you were not
>the one wrong, Correct it this way:  Deleuze himself
>would have said influence of Modern Contemporary art
>on Thinking, or theory practice, is coming from
>outside or away than their own Deleuzian thought. Find
>out what to connect with. If we like Deleuze the
>option is between finding inspiration from or not from
>DG, but not in discussing DG's tools by mass-media
>tools like readings, poetic or accademic/individualist
>groups. NO to the Passivity of Deleuzian Readers and
>indifferent, such as "intellectuals", or
>deterritorialists. What's positive nowadays are the
>molecularist social movements, the analysis of
>productive key actors why those for example in need of
>DG would like to talk about and knot, anchor around
>things and do intereactive readings and enjoy such
>readings hoping by then and by reputation, DG should
>become interesting for them, all this is nonsense and
>stems from your self's passivity, and absence of
>democratic will around you. So sad! Actually sad that
>to visualise it, then should you be more happy and
>less subjectivised by other ppl's ideas. So forget
>about readings, either on Internet : if we gather here
>it's got nothing to do with DG in whatever way that is
>interesting for DG and us, their followers will agree
>blindly. The Neo-Cons will agree to this. So realize
>who you are and make a change. Why?
>More aside this, about specifically the net-Lists on
>What could be interesting is to knot reading of DG
>around nothing. Yeas you read well. We would gain more
>by non Deleuzian, new movements of thoughts then
>rehearsing for n-th time DG here or other parts.
>Deleuze world-texts is void and haolds no deep
>interest for anybody.  This list is dead since 2003
>for example. Since then, actually since the US has led
>the invasion in Irak it seems the intellectual world
>is depressed by self-respect of your particular brain
>power and moved towards a depressive politics. I think
>it's interesting if you analyse it on an other
>"strata", and say according to this line: The absence
>of activity around DG, It's the future death of the
>last man, it's syndrome quickly disappearing from
>consciousness. But while we discuss it, it's not DG
>who killed him. Aside there's been "poetic reading", a
>word which expresses only the ressenting attitude of
>the hidden neo-conservative attitude of  intellectuals
>populating pseudo avant-guardist schizo discourse
>(those like DG are Avant-Guardist) and lack of trust
>in the social molecule movements in the aferomentioned
>depressing countries like Global Politic assume, World
>Order, and spools created around absence of democratic
>standards of attention by those wanting to live the
>"life" of a brain, ie. those figuring as the enemies
>of contemporary intellectuals . Let's get not
>depressed with you and the likes, let the
>self-righteous of culture get out off their sad faces
>false ideas, and to the others get out of your
>consciousness and learn to fertilise the world in
>other way than we have taught you to do here: unlearn
>the past, become like erased last man, quick b4 you
>become ressentful and ronchon. --- john writer
><johnwriter at mac.com> wrote:
> > Are there any current online reading groups
> > discussing a specific D&G
> > text?
> >
> > Is it in the perview of the list to knot it around a
> > text?
> > John
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