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Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Tue May 31 08:45:41 PDT 2005

I think a reading like the one you talk about and
which never existed probably in real is like a debate
on TV, and it's not
possible to enjoy it and aswell enjoy litterature such
as is actually DG. If you enjoy debates about DG and
aswell enjoy DG, you should know by now about
something is stuck wrong deep with you. if you feel
enough conscious to be open and ask if you were not
the one wrong, Correct it this way:  Deleuze himself
would have said influence of Modern Contemporary art
on Thinking, or theory practice, is coming from
outside or away than their own Deleuzian thought. Find
out what to connect with. If we like Deleuze the
option is between finding inspiration from or not from
DG, but not in discussing DG's tools by mass-media
tools like readings, poetic or accademic/individualist
groups. NO to the Passivity of Deleuzian Readers and
indifferent, such as "intellectuals", or
deterritorialists. What's positive nowadays are the
molecularist social movements, the analysis of
productive key actors why those for example in need of
DG would like to talk about and knot, anchor around 
things and do intereactive readings and enjoy such
readings hoping by then and by reputation, DG should
become interesting for them, all this is nonsense and
stems from your self's passivity, and absence of
democratic will around you. So sad! Actually sad that
to visualise it, then should you be more happy and
less subjectivised by other ppl's ideas. So forget
about readings, either on Internet : if we gather here
it's got nothing to do with DG in whatever way that is
interesting for DG and us, their followers will agree
blindly. The Neo-Cons will agree to this. So realize
who you are and make a change. Why?

More aside this, about specifically the net-Lists on
What could be interesting is to knot reading of DG
around nothing. Yeas you read well. We would gain more
by non Deleuzian, new movements of thoughts then
rehearsing for n-th time DG here or other parts.
Deleuze world-texts is void and haolds no deep
interest for anybody.  This list is dead since 2003
for example. Since then, actually since the US has led
the invasion in Irak it seems the intellectual world
is depressed by self-respect of your particular brain
power and moved towards a depressive politics. I think
it's interesting if you analyse it on an other
"strata", and say according to this line: The absence
of activity around DG, It's the future death of the
last man, it's syndrome quickly disappearing from
consciousness. But while we discuss it, it's not DG
who killed him. Aside there's been "poetic reading", a
word which expresses only the ressenting attitude of
the hidden neo-conservative attitude of  intellectuals
populating pseudo avant-guardist schizo discourse
(those like DG are Avant-Guardist) and lack of trust
in the social molecule movements in the aferomentioned
depressing countries like Global Politic assume, World
Order, and spools created around absence of democratic
standards of attention by those wanting to live the
"life" of a brain, ie. those figuring as the enemies
of contemporary intellectuals . Let's get not
depressed with you and the likes, let the
self-righteous of culture get out off their sad faces
false ideas, and to the others get out of your
consciousness and learn to fertilise the world in
other way than we have taught you to do here: unlearn
the past, become like erased last man, quick b4 you
become ressentful and ronchon. --- john writer
<johnwriter at mac.com> wrote:
> Are there any current online reading groups
> discussing a specific D&G  
> text?
> Is it in the perview of the list to knot it around a
> text?
> John
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