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Interesting comments Maria,

I look forward to reading your thoughts on deleuzeguattari.

>From a fellow Canadian...

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Returning to the aesthetics of language as if there was a pure form embedded
the work of a thinker. It is not whether Deleuze' language is beautiful or
but how the reader senses the language to procuce something different. It is
shame that most postings to this list treat Deleuze and Guattri like rock
or as an aura that can't be reached. Less "awe" more creativity PLEASE!


Quoting "Dr. Harald Wenk"
> Hello,
> as a skilled mathematician I am used to a  lot of technical terms.
> In mathematics, there are construction behind these terms, especially
> geometrical ones.
> This is in philosophy, including Deleuze and Guattari, unfortunaly not the
> case.
> Therefore, for my taste, Deleuze and Guattaris use of  language is
> much to technical to be beautiful.
> greetings Harald Wenk

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