[D-G]a dissentual vote: appel au Non-Oui-Vote plutôt qu'a voter entre oui et non.

Dr. Harald Wenk hwenk at web.de
Sat May 7 13:41:46 PDT 2005


as I was in france last summer, the debate about the new european
constitution in the newspapers take place.
Now in general things with the european union
are much to much out of political discussion, although the national
laws are shaped a lot by the EU.
This is very comfortable for the politicians and
even the buissness people, because they can arrange a lot of things without
any control from those, who have to suffer on these arrangrements,
violating the heart and source of power of democracy.
This implies also the distribution of ressources, especially money, in
the range of universities.
It looks like, that there are the same problems of to little ressources
and fights for institutionalizing positions in whole europe -
without any serious public discourse.
So things are much to technocratic.
Now the begin for the european union lies in the 50ies with
the contracts of rome.
After 50 years the european constitution brings to little to
be supported.
The bulding of a political democratic europe has to go much faster and  
that is in the interest of all.

greetings Harald

Am Mon, 2 May 2005 02:06:25 +0100 (BST) schrieb Lucy LeGentilSinge  
<lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk>:

> Hello Deleuze, Anyt Fiorelli from Europe sent me this
> out of an immense effort, a kindness.
>        Anyt Fiorelli wrote:
> Plutôt que de répondre aux puissance politiques et des
> médiatiques
> qui nous font chosir entre Oui et Non--
> (à propos du TCE)
> the notes of euro are ugly
> the language of tce is an hypocritic mystery
> how to mend them
> voting yes or not
> won't solve this
> or would it??
> it could embarrass people
> after a no in dulce Francia they will mediatize
> interpret the result
> also they will say it is possible why was there
> "really" a no
> so if you fight for a world outside of these problems
> it's could be nice to do it so as there simply
> could be no interpretation of the possible result
> i just am about to propose to do abstention
> it means we do not want polarities, these dualisms
> we do not want mediatic lining up
> end of the debate
> Now! Let's try something else and "move"
> so join with me in a new idea: a movement who say
> we want a better europe
> by not voting in answer to the yes or not.
> and declare this vote, should be indeed taken into
> account
> as ALSO such: An Other Way of Constructing Europe
> Because it Could be expressed also
> in this debate
> by asserting
> "Absence of Vote"
> as flight line, escape to the dualities and the
> groupism.
> We want the Absence of Vote to be reckoned by the
> Media
> and the Representative Governments who constructed TCE
> and want to use it
> as an Absence a Vote, and nothing else.
> Que pensez vous vous même de se féderer, de
> délocaliser le débat
> en appelant ceux qui désirent cela, une constitution
> plus différentielle
> et plus de temps pour l'élaborer, en bref une(
> ré)vision tout-à-fait différente,
> de la Constitution du "TCE", en déclarant un vote
> "hors dualisme" à nos sondeurs, et à la fois
> Voter Nul --? c'est-à-dire voter entre oui et non,
> donc à la recherche déjà de la ligne intermédiaire?
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