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Sat Mar 26 18:07:05 PST 2005


 a book where it is really Melville: where he is
explaining his travels to the Pacific Ocean.
  American Studies or on the Litterature of the
America. It's interesting. Well it's not depressive
for the ethologist of the human mind. I am sorry the
title is such that I have an other version of it
already. It compares different writers, craters,
rivers forking etc. What we need is to do this in the
ground for the Europeans. In Concrete, not metaphors.
But how? Bureaucratism of the Melville craters,
forests, river forks will empedes us to study and we
are trying to send what, if not the American writers,
a few Europeans ideas on Americans to the Waters of
Melville, since they are so important in their own
mind (cfr DHLawrence), they do not travel in Europe
often, But Kerouac tried. We have not concluded
anything. Becausewriters in Europe are more interested
by Europeans than by themselves as they "become
Americans". For French mostly there's a becoming
Swiss. We are confused by mists, only hope in
Mediterraneans, we are in ----------  and we do not
see America from the West Angles of Galicea. Bartleby!
yes, Agamben something on it, on Deleuze. A lot of
people, as opp. to far niente,(?value?). But not
Bartleby. like the idea of Pierre. what's the spirit
in which question implyed  in your question (first
mails: I don't understand anything on what you say). I
am getting sad.  I am not an european writer, just an
ethologists. Can you detail for clarity with the
context of the question? thx ya-


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