[D-G] Magicians of Proust

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Thu Mar 17 16:57:45 PST 2005


Chers Amis d'Outre Rhin et d'Atlantique
De l'autre côté des vagues
après Quimper 
Après Erin
Après le Groenland

Au CanaDa,

Aux "States"

A Buenos Aires

Au Danube

En combien de temps vous retrouver

sa vacuité essentielle...

Et voilà que je start myself speak English la la!

it's harmonic are like the sweetest honey
For I was juste aboute to reading Proust
not the Proust and Sign but The Time found Back
ouch! quel language peu soutenableee

I has been Read Proust
in look up in the Camera Obscura
being fully detailed
by Vermeert van Delft
tu sais?
I went in my bookselves
I am good now
I want to write
I want it excited here

What A good litterature
he rises a writer like me
Jesuis ecrivain
Jesus ecrivain
Jesus: Writes me!

Proust: I adore Thee
but I can write to you



I am better when I read Proust
than when I rehe was so sensible)

I was depressed I went to Cinema Nova
there're no circus in Rennes
acrobats dives and
leni riefenstael

sorry this list i am probably enchanted
lol: this is not conceptual art 
you say, but ok
it's a Proustian self-Study
see it like this

who still reads this?
gondo minnie?

my boiling tap water
green tea

BTW I am free
I need to marry someone.
It looks ironical
it looks different
but in France we also
eat Mont Blance Tunnels, like in states
you hazve Yellowstone or Yosemitee

I don't know what much to say
Yoiu have the answer in your jeans

Write me if you wanna date me .

Even if you don't rely to America.
Air France is welcome
and wishes you

Pierre T.

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