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If you are not interested by the Conference, don't even try to read this. A Cat would not find its kitten in the Cretan Maze:) !
French is not capable to answer without stutterings to your Conference. I need to race, to speed. I need the nomad's englsih language.

War is a big topic certainly. Movies are part of everyone's (sub?)-Culture.


NB It is certainly not with hesitation that I give you a hit by this paper in French, and not in English.

But after meditation and transe,  I think chances are you don't read papers written in French, so 'ill anyway check if I could write  a paper in English for your convenience.

So: When I start a course with my students, I always have used to say: 
My main thesis in University is: 
War begins when hatred cannot escape it's potential, and it's actualisation in a state of things. And the fascination for War is created by proto-perceptions, that is  by ot's Generals, and sometimes nomads, Soldiers. Deleuze distinguishes War from a theory of Guerilla. Commando. Jules Cesar!

War among A and B Representational Movies.
Image-Movements in Flight Lines of War: Cinema.
Boeing 747

 History believes Jules Cesar conquered in 52 BC Gauls while Vincegetorix opposed to him and was later on defeated in Alesia. 

Chapter II
A Brief History of Cinema of War.

                  &                            &

The current estimate is that 1.000.000 Inhabitants died as a result of Jules Cesar's invasions between 59BC abnd 52BC. This was a political invasion aswell. Jules Cesar wanted an Emperor for Rome, and he was attempting to be this Emperor. He dressed in Pink Skirt with the Senate. He married Julia.

Chapter III

Romans ruled all around the Mediterranean Sea and destroyed pirat ships with new technology it fostered and new found slaves running away from it's Boundaries, the Limits.

Chapter IV

Examples . look at such movies as The Ten Commandments by Cecil B.DeMil. And Spartacus by Kubrik. Also: Gladiator. Alexander. Troy! Anticipation, all examples inducing Affects of Love in the audience by accurate an Description of war. Cinema as the always re-potentialised percepts of History, as the critical use of War for the sake of Virtual Surround THX Sound, Video Games. War, War, War, everywhere. Lord of the Rings. Western Spaghetti. Ozu. Lines of Universes criss-crossing.

Chapter V

 Anti-Thesis of the example: Illion, Odysseus. The song is Greek but Barbars can sing along, ie. within the wall of it aswell. Cecil B.De Mil we think creates an Exodus out of the Ramses II Therapy, out of History. Spielberg invents a private soldier: Soldier Ryan. World War 2 is an other example, but not the more interesting, even for it's survivors.

Chapter VI

Jules Cesar is killed in The Senate. All goes wrong. Blood and civil war eshews. Parallel with Hardt and Negri on Civil War: Empire. It's relation with War.


A new Emperor: Augustus. 

 Merci. Thank You (if you are interested contact me by e-mail).

PS. Please Read the Chapters before the Conclusion?
Tell me what you think! And thanks.

Pierre Tanguy
Professeur au CHU de Nanterre, Paris X


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