[D-G] perception of WIP? writing for anglo speakers

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Sun Mar 6 17:48:31 PST 2005

well the title of the e-mail is the message

it means: what are you experiences when reading translations of books of
Deleuze &Guattari
in your own language. what effect does it have. i am French native from
my Father and from my Mother she is Dutch and of a different minority
than was Gilles Deleuze in France. Also I lived in Grenoble which is
near Haute Savoie. I learned English while talking with my cousin who
lives in England but of Irish descent. But ANYWAY, this is it: reading
WIP? or in English is such perceptually, -i just did it on this passge
of Synaesthesia) STRIKING!! OMG! The original words are so beautiful,
and the englsih so intellectual, barbarous, that's the word i wanted to
use for describing it. You miss something you who do not read it well

Share your experiences?

Adline xx
  adline vanlindenbergh
  bisouxnoursfast at fastmail.fm

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