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james spatium at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 10:20:35 PDT 2005


In actual fact, I spoke up the moment it began.  You might have
noticed that I wrote "each time I respond to this post", meaning
"this" post. (!)  I assume that by "sulking" you are refering to my
complaints about the other spam I receive (as does everyone else on
the list) that passes for list material.  So far there have been many
(!) list members who have spoken up about this other level of junk
that fills our boxes.  There is at least one member who is sending
posts from multiple addresses, and they are all generally unreadable. 
So, damn right I'm sulking, and I have spoken up before, as have
others.  When is the "moderator" (!) going to do something about

A well run mailing list should have more than the two present options
of: sitting silently and watching unanswerable posts or quitting the

On 6/22/05, malgosia askanas <ma at panix.com> wrote:
> > My last post was in reference to the fact that each time I respond to
> > this post I am forwarded some kind of antispam warning in spanish.  If
> > this persists I will have no choice but to abandon the list.
> How is the "moderator" supposed to know what you get in response to your posts,
> if neither you nor anybody else on the list have ever said anything about it?
> It looks from your present complaint like the anti-virus warnings came from
> the address <gseraph.sspam at uol.com.br>.  I unsubbed it.  Next time speak up
> rather than sulking.
> -m
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