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I think you are right, the virtual is some kind of power or force.
I think Deleuze struggles (in Difference et repetition) with this concept
against the possibilty,
which, according to Kant, is the thing only lacking existence.
This is also not true in my eyes. but the possible is much more preformed
than the virtual.

greetings Harald
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I think "virtual" is meant to be a concept of (dare I say it)
ontology; I think it's meant to be a contribution toward getting a
vocabulary in which we can talk about the world without resorting to
objectivistic or transcendental realism. "Virtual" is a concept of
immanence and dynamism: the "virtual" is that (or "virtuals" are
those) by virtue of which an event unfolds in just the way it does;
the virtual factor is an analytic element of "A LIFE" (where
life-events are immanent to consciousness). The virtual is the power
of the world. Like a less metaphoricalized or anthropomorphized
version of Nietzsche's locus of "will to power", if you like -- and I
think this is important, that "virtual" is meant to mean "pertaining
to power", virtus, not "pertaining to the unreal or illusory".

Or maybe I'm just mixed up.

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> I don't think the virtual can be reduced to "interpretation mediated by
reality". It seems to reside in Deleuze's metaphysics. I will speak more to
this later.
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