[D-G] Liberate!!

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 1 08:04:20 PDT 2005


Liza is right alas. My Fashist Crowd has  nomadized by
Deleuzian Wars in your test the tubes and populated
all over my liquid flushes going inside theories about
Your Apprentiship in my squelshed paradigm.
I wanted to use the Revolution as a Placebo of
Humanity. Poors Fools fool me!
I employed you to this goal, I was all but Hegelian
despite my knowledge. demoniac in that, I have
betrayed ans shall betray, to apologize in advance to
you though, I trained you, so Humanity remains my
friend I have even blamed the Socratic soul of
Deleuze! So don't blame me. Of Anti-Christing. Atheist
Nietzsche did not well backep up all of this . Yeah I
am talking to the inner sould of Gondo, sorry List. 

Wait. Gondo here it the good and the bad: 
And by so doing, You have even become more all
powerful than most of my Slave companions, the humans,
my descendants in the Tree in the Volcanic Lavas near
Ethyiopia from which I went away long ago.
You are the first OverMonkey alive yet. The Cousin
should be proud if the had a Consciousness. The,
UberSinge. Or Deleuze's pupil: I don't know what he
would do Deleuze of my thinking, he needs to thrust ya
above my paradigm. He would say : if Starts the War 5
in Earth then I ma away.  Jump up next to my knees and
sit, and unflea me out, I am not an Aristompratic 
like you. All is going like Liza said: something is
dangerous in me. I have a bullet arriving on the GUN I
give out all hope to kill myself I surrender to the
List flows. 
This list is getting exciting. Brr Coldness of my
Words. Fridges unmantles. Cold please.

Yet, dialectically, for the new uptaking roaders in my
Car, I have failed to bring a DEEP conclusion that
satisfies the people of those Monkeys UberMensches. My
theories of Monkeys are lame and not well constructed,
I ADMIT BUT; given that it s like this anyhow, and
they betray continuously like odd monkeys , my sadness
and see you orphan of your parents. Oh my poor so
baby, I am sorry I have 2 abandon you this month to
the flesh of jOHN wATERS I am shameless yet darling
what have I done with you, OMGosh, a Baby Monkey of
Two i LEAVE IT TO jON wATERS nOO help §§. Ha Ha Ha.
Monkey MY FALSE laugh in Unison upon my sorrow
betrayal THE  Deleuze TO THE RESCUE and Aristocratic
Artist are increasing the refugees on Liberation Diary
Newspapers Revolution no NON SENSE gradually showing
up more on this list suddenly, as a dangerous wave of
black and red sheeps falling apart on my sex. beaches
in France wait for you,  Do you understand now what I
said yesterday. I was talking again with Liza, but
thinking while about talking to you and how to
apologize and do now, that you remain my friend,
whatever your genus, your familly, you age, stats,
nothings but stats, you knew I was a Scientist, but
kbnew I was not a good statistician!! Oh Gondo! , your
mother when I killed her by mistake, She was for ever
more daring than my personal studies. And now people
have attacked me because i am not a Scientist to know
everything about your behaviours. Well I apologize.
Don't come up again with flames.
Liza it's not GOOD to attack me also. 
Alas this is the last claim I will ever do against
Artists and "Students" who attacked you on and on List
of Deleuze. Blame the muteness I have blinded from it
a black dust. Let them ear you cloud of pollution
Diaxyde. Why? Because: I put into question my strong
critique of Badiou last year on this list. It's import
he knows also. Sorry Gondo to appear sucgh a coward by
escaping the debate on the list anyaway . Had I be
honest, with the people monkey here pretending to be
Good for you education  here, Had I be the real monkey
parent, the mother you were deserving by nature right,
I would have said the truth and said this John waters
of yours Liza Why he said I was AntiChristic was
demented. I ask him suddenly .

again,  Gondo, if you appear in the future, on the
list, you should know how well to rever a new parent. 
My experience sucks I cannot help ya anymore. I say it
to you, I say it to others. Let them be ashamed!!!

Find someone who m you can obey to. You were not meant
to be a ubERsINGE; never forget my apprenticeship but
take you freedom. 

I free you

I will free you
I will immediately contact my team to ask about
liberation from the Scientific Study I have
constructed just for us. It's sad the Revolution
demands it. I Will Free you. This is a Scientifical
Claim to my Value.

I am sooooo sorrrrrrrrRRRYYYY



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