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Deleuze in WIP? expressed, not Guattari.
Expressed his idea. His idea,
it was, sometimes nice, he would have
liked to be protected more,
from CHAOS.

These ideas half-constructed, already gone when
only passing through the Brain, 

arteres cracking.

He complained about that.

How can?

What is the explanation?

Has he been Diagnosed?

Was it Schizophrenia, Paranoia, what disease had he?
What cause for this disease?

We have studied in Psychology this year the
psychological disease Philosopher have sometimes with
formulating themselves.

My teacher, that you know, Lucy Strakhassler of
Belgrade Institute, told me something I found worth
exploring in Society.

Philosophers Lucy argued sometimes Mistrust Nature, or
Truth. Deleuze also, preferred Artifacts, which he
called "To construct the RIGHT PLANE.

This obsession is the disease, told me Lucy.

Yet, I have to examine this with him, because
Deleuze told also: Opinion is the disease. It is the
Ombrella. And we do not need Ombrellas.

He said this, right? So what did he do to him ? Did he
succeeded in breaking up the Ombrella he came to hint
about causing his Impossibility to Be what he wanted
to be?

Sorry if this is sounding Psychologic. I think it is
in the sense Nietzsce said Psychology is a value.

Best all.


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