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This is Liza.
We are trying hard.
--- malgosia askanas <ma at panix.com> wrote:

> > In actual fact, I spoke up the moment it began. 
> You might have
> > noticed that I wrote "each time I respond to this
> post", meaning
> > "this" post. (!)  I assume that by "sulking" you
> are refering to my
> > complaints about the other spam I receive (as does
> everyone else on
> > the list) that passes for list material.  
> No, I was referring to the fact that you said  the
> particular error response
> happened "every time you respond to this post" and
> that if this goes on, you 
> will have to unsub - all of this indicated (to me)
> that this was a repeating
> condition that you had, heretofore, born in silent
> grimness.
> > So far there have been many
> > (!) list members who have spoken up about this
> other level of junk
> > that fills our boxes.  There is at least one
> member who is sending
> > posts from multiple addresses, and they are all
> generally unreadable.=20
> > So, damn right I'm sulking, and I have spoken up
> before, as have
> > others.  When is the "moderator" (!) going to do
> something about
> > it?!?!?
> Well, this here moderator is not going to do
> anything about it unless there
> begins to be something worthwhile going on on the
> list.  If there were any 
> attempts at a real expression or thought or
> discussion, then there would be 
> some reason to defend THAT against disruption.  But
> there is none of THAT
> in evidence, and the world offers many more
> worthwhile occupations than 
> defending from silliness a list nobody is otherwise
> making any use of.
> It could be that this list has simply run its
> course, and that nobody is
> intersted in disussing Deleuze and Guattari via
> email any more.  Or nobody
> is intersted in Deleuze and Guattari.  Or everybody
> already understands 
> everything pertaining to Deleuze and Guattari and
> there is nothing to discuss.
> And so on.
> -m
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