[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

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Sat Feb 19 18:09:48 PST 2005


The last e-mails of Gondo are definitely funny. I cannot deny this. At
first I thought it was one and the same person who was writing under two
pseudos. I think it's sad no one likes to admit they are fun, I like
them or at least I am starting to enjoy this list. LOL. All this is
innocent and full of becomings and Syd cannot admit it because he wants
this list to be so academic whatver the misproper use of the word
In spite of the fact
I liked also one of Liza Kozner's first mail, I am thinking about the
one on the protection of Artists, but I am unhappy she said personal
ideas on philosopher Gilles Deleuze, and then de-s-informed the
philosopher's new list. Thanks G-D she admitted something at the end,
about herself and he relation to information and communication: she told
us the ACDC band was the true artist who produced the work "Turtles". I
am sure this is true. Richard Pinhas could not have done it because I am
working with him on the Web. I am wondering yet if Deleuze would have
liked to know artists as Lucy Strawkhassler could vamp his theories for
fashist purposes? The bad artist Lucy is a schizophrenic philosopher,
and is just an other idiot like we see in the street. He should moderate
a bit. And Gondo,  have you heard the story about the apple and Adam?
Who is Liza for you. Keep up the good work.

Adline Vanlindenbergh
  adline vanlindenbergh
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