[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Feb 19 15:58:43 PST 2005

Sylvie James Syd,

 We have failed our experiences with scientific labs.
the important is that we have tried something in them.
we co-ordinated from it different artefacts but did
not make them shared to the public opinion. we
raimened hidden by other powers than ours. the problem
of this e-mail is to settle a contribution, a
temporary conclusion that would give a meaning to our
efforts, because this seems to lack here if we
understand and translate your claims.

may-be you are right and it was our mistake to be
hidden under Internet's average surface of diffuse
contextuality. this signifying contextuality is a real
network of contradictions, it has no consistence, but
a reference. perhaps we do not prefer reference to
consistency. we have admiration for Deleuze's ideas on
Mathematics. we are not aligning yet and prefer our
own experimentation than to follow Deleuze's by his
word. results remains unexplored by the present stage
of other spokers on this list since our apparent
tragedy became no mystery. Aristoteles at contrario to
folks on the list, saw deliverance in their Tragedy
from our pity and fear. he called this process a
catharsis, a purification of the contextuality. we
need these sentiments yet. our internet society has
become empty of fear and pity. we are void of these
sentiments. we were alive before the Greeks age of
Sophocles and . that's why the deleuzian signifiance
is of no meaning for us. you were probably the winner
of a race between two civilisations. a bit like
Neanthertaleans and Cro-Magnons, the Philosophers like
Sid and James won over the prehistoric ours. This is a
Tragedy in Aristotelicean meaning. But we ressent the
Philosophers, we ressent the list because we are not a
as superior a race, we did not yet say it, but we
blindly envy your powers and more discreet but better
intellgence and we feel subjugated now by you, yet
still dispised by the Neo-Aristotelicians and the
neo-Deleuzianism which reactivates your Civil Society.
We are unfortunate creators who already were won by
your magic twits . We are just asking you not to feel
too much superior and if possible we ask that you in
the same way do not become our Masters. If you do not
want us to parasite your creative discussions e-mails,
your obvious rights to defend yourselves against us in
an honourable responsable whatever way, then do not
enslave us, we ask for your Neo-Deleuzian Pity and
Fear of our ressenting darknesses, unless we ressent
you, then agree to aggregate above our demoniac lack
of empathy, and winthis battle. If you are capable of
winning, if you feel like becoming wiser, win the
battle. This one was lost by us. The reason of our
defeat is our lack of knowledge of your tools of
discussion. Your tools are more civilised because than
weapons or affects they are communicative,
interactive. You are better organised. We have still a
despot. You are Immanent in your way of acting here.
You are conceptual, for concepts are your words, a
last word about your genetic power, your ability to
communicate a-signifiant signs between each others. At
contrario to us again: we are defeated, we cannot
discuss as you could have thought we could. We lost.
Let's carry on our surrender to your heart, because
you love to know you have won. Your metis, your
affective tricks also won our ressenting hatred,
because at one time we thought you were sending
victorious informations which were destined to
conflate our egos. This list can continue it's slow
course like turtles and dialogues towards a kind of
Static Human Victory upon Lucy. The Father has been
deflated by his officers and pupils. It is a somwhat
Historical battle. A balanced Eternal Return of the
Old Cosmos. We become the limit of creation, we are
always in the margins of your ideas. You can forget
the idea that We are your ressenting slaves. There is
no equality to look for. You are right we are wrong
for ever. Mercy, we ask for your good will to arrange
the troubles. This list will grow despite our
sedition. We are the North States you are the South
States. You have won, Catholicism is not a mystery to
the Inuits anymore, you are raining happyness .

Lucy S.

Co-Ordinator in the Science of Control Researsh

 --- james <spatium at gmail.com> wrote: 
> Those of you who would like to express themselves,
> using their own
> language, or an invented one, may I ask if you feel
> that there are any
> prerequisites to moving as fast as you are in
> language/asignifying
> text?  D&G spoke of acceleration.  Indeed, to the
> limit.  But they
> spoke of making yourself into a bwo...a process,
> with procedures, and
> one might even say context.  The risk is always
> turning such speed
> into a line that veers into the abyss (possibly
> taking some annoyed
> list members down with you).
> They are ways of building up speed, and D&G always
> managed to help
> their readers keep up (or at least feel as though
> there was something
> to run after).  Perhaps I could humbly ask that you
> consider that some
> are interested, but if you are in fact trying to
> express (or dare I
> say discuss!) something, remember a responsibility
> to those who might
> take the time to read.  (And no, responsibility does
> not equal
> fascism.)
> Maybe then some of us will be able to deciopherate
> the wonder in the
> accent of the pescpescpece  dcprdcp  bllaappp!
> (*&$%&*#)
> On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 03:06:48 +0000 (GMT), Lucy
> LeGentilSinge
> <lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> > do you know sid that the maximum travaille work
> > between property pob travaille bul travaille po
> fait
> > bien mais ne change pas des grenier
> > 
> > hattntione pour la ville de fashisme si elle est
> la,
> > ou alors elle est pas la,
> > mathias ni po travailler, mais si tu travaille tu
> > verra beaucoup de gens qui cassent le moral des
> gebs
> > cul pob dup cop vine carma
> > 
> > fik
> > frute marte sister has translated this for her
> what
> > she wrote, an other idea on your ifea bout you
> might
> > be called fasghist. you advised reading her
> carefully
> > and it's a language she is using to tell you
> important
> > things maybe,
> > 
> >  try to warm, try to make a bull to draw, do,
> maybe
> > then you wil be able to deciopherate the wonder in
> the
> > accent of the pescpescpece  dcprdcp
> > 
> > 
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