[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

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Sat Feb 19 04:08:01 PST 2005

dialogues and fanny's turtles

On Feb 19, 2005, at 4:02 AM, james wrote:

> Those of you who would like to express themselves, using their own
> language, or an invented one, may I ask if you feel that there are any
> prerequisites to moving as fast as you are in language/asignifying
> text?  D&G spoke of acceleration.  Indeed, to the limit.  But they
> spoke of making yourself into a bwo...a process, with procedures, and
> one might even say context.  The risk is always turning such speed
> into a line that veers into the abyss (possibly taking some annoyed
> list members down with you).
> They are ways of building up speed, and D&G always managed to help
> their readers keep up (or at least feel as though there was something
> to run after).  Perhaps I could humbly ask that you consider that some
> are interested, but if you are in fact trying to express (or dare I
> say discuss!) something, remember a responsibility to those who might
> take the time to read.  (And no, responsibility does not equal
> fascism.)
> Maybe then some of us will be able to deciopherate the wonder in the
> accent of the pescpescpece  dcprdcp  bllaappp! (*&$%&*#)
> On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 03:06:48 +0000 (GMT), Lucy LeGentilSinge
> <lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
>> do you know sid that the maximum travaille work
>> between property pob travaille bul travaille po fait
>> bien mais ne change pas des grenier
>> hattntione pour la ville de fashisme si elle est la,
>> ou alors elle est pas la,
>> mathias ni po travailler, mais si tu travaille tu
>> verra beaucoup de gens qui cassent le moral des gebs
>> cul pob dup cop vine carma
>> fik
>> frute marte sister has translated this for her what
>> she wrote, an other idea on your ifea bout you might
>> be called fasghist. you advised reading her carefully
>> and it's a language she is using to tell you important
>> things maybe,
>>  try to warm, try to make a bull to draw, do, maybe
>> then you wil be able to deciopherate the wonder in the
>> accent of the pescpescpece  dcprdcp
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