[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

sid littlefield falsedeity at lycos.com
Fri Feb 18 17:25:40 PST 2005

Since we seem to be moving into some conversation about "identity politics", I am forced to ask how it is we arrived here. But I also recognize that that is not so important. The accusations are flying and they always seem to arrive at the same place.  Fascism everywhere. Beware!Beware! Watch out for that dreaded identity, it is a weight that drowns.  Perhaps we should ask whether the 'democratization' (notice the marks) of poitical groups does not lead to the perpetuation of the network that is already in power.  We only have to look to those very successful protests against the latest American imperialist enterprise.  So yes, run, run away. Flee before those marks of grammar. 

To bring this back to D & G, it seems that it is not entirely clear that their politics is the sort that is completely 'democratized'. No to the Party? Yes. But no to some collective, that has an identity, that has something that bring it together? No. 


I especially like the accusation of 'academic'. Well done.
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