[D-G] What is the difference between a schizo and a bad poet?

sid littlefield falsedeity at lycos.com
Thu Feb 17 11:49:29 PST 2005

What is served by these posts. Are we to believe that there is not theory of taste in Deleuze? in all great philosophies? So we can recognize the new thought, can we recognize what it will not be? Are your non-sensical posts about "labs" and "monkeys" what we have to look forward to? This is new? 

Why not respond in your new way of thinking? Why collapse back into the old, conservative way that I give you?

We have understood Deleuze poorly (and Bergson) if we lose the sense of taste. Without it we are left following everything and always fail to find the new.

So give me no pity. This was I thought the best part of your post. Finally something fun.

There is a sense of gravity even in those words that we think are clever.


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