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Dear Mark Crosby,

III N     
                        multitude ,
III N the face of our difficult times indeed it is pleasant and fortunate , it's an ashievment in itself, each time an event posits itself as affirmed each time we succeed as you just did, in analysing for our neuronal extensions as they within the fram of a necessity, an essence alway which needs to be determined, as we do, to determine in an ashievment of the tools that our brains are ebing constituted with, analysing both the becoming, it's structure, and deciphering with resolution the way it is constituting our neuronal pre-philosophical emotive and cognitive shemes of existence (cfr the Sartre of the  Nothingness and the Beijing) in the way we would analyse this affect that, if I understand, we would be here seizing for our aim the general politics of the planet that we have been inhabiting since I and my linearity and territorial code we went out of the forest with my familly also(the Strawnhassler is part of the evolutionary shemes as explained by  Bergson and Deleuze and
 Guattari (see A Thousand Plateaus 1980 trad Brian Massumi 198?) My brain is in progressive evolution I want to say, and it was good to get out of the forest I tell you for it is still growing in retrospection of this evolution and within it's introspectivity like a mirror, so as my interest in my mirrored past in the forest has recently lead me just a few hours ago to consider my past again in the forest, so to say it's not that bad to have a brain to feel capable and thus understand oneself, to analyse ourselves as we analyse it analysing it, etc.
btw Mark, it is isn't it?, interesting to note that some ethologists recently felt a contraversially prompted need to distinguish the vegetals in the vegetals world from those animals in the animals world : any animal distinguishes itself from any vegetal in reason of these tree aspects, that it moves, that it perceives and finally that it "feels".
a new degree of freedom appeared according to these ethologist that I have learned to study while away from the forest(eg.Jonas ) "a truer, relation to the world [with the animals] becomes possible." the plant would not "move" it's flowers, as the animals can potentially move as it's nervous system lays imbedded in all of it's body's diversity. 
But, it's a debate i mean because look at the retractible possibilities examplifiable by mentionned a-parallel transcoding happening between the flower and the wasp by Clarnet-Deeluze, or even the insectivorus flower this monstruous pistils eating with it's retractlible tentackles the organic juice or the  essence of the fly when it lands on it's subliminal patterns (and in an ironycality which is only surpassed by the one of the cameleon who emerge/submerge from it's colority into the one of the flies environment, the beautiful blue and green shiny covered fly with two set of a myriad of eyes who has got no territory what so ever according to Guattari himself. just worthy of distinction, as you say, but may-be of course more elaborated an elaboration, more sound actually, and sensible a distinction and/or convergeances would be those we could find one by one in the co-existance between the forest and the steppe environment constructs of tangeantial element-stratas, if for example
 one is led to consider what we have let ourselves notice like this:  it's an animal who like me, Lucy, one million years  ago, or so, who discovered a new degree of freedom in a kind of a mutual embrace of a-parallel transcodages and combined like substance and forms, deterritorialising factors; co-flowing along together rather like a Big River landing in the Ocean of Plane of Consistence (ex. Amazonia, or take the Nile, the Gange or the Zaire for that matter, but blocking themselves finally because a new of course course for the Big River maked it dry and evaporate and last it's course in a new way, in the steppe and the forest?, but that's up to the future of ethology to decide even if and may-be in spite of other factors you or some part of your immediate specie right away, would discover so that other interests may be determined by you r specie for Mankinds ressource for Science (Umweldt) in various bassin of maneouvers, a source of consideration in the making that may be we
 could one day let unfolded in a desertic landscape that we leave behind or beyond us as we find them implicated virtually by my analysises like we can see them here, in this day, today that means something to me, but tomorrow? common sense?, ta ta, ney, let's say rather, and with more clarifying purposes in our hands, it's analyses in the making... 
but let's end this introspection of the difference existing for some in a kind of superlative way between Vegetal World and Animal World. let's us say that the purpose of this was to show the human construct which I cannot complement as I seek in the fabric of your decipherment of your reality, the pre-psychologycal entity, or the para-psychological "concetto" standing in-between our two analysis of the current world as interweaving by their good will     !!!!
                            !!!! as  seen from the point of view of  "dashes to be filled", of the lines to be drawn in between the no reached signs, the signs lost in-between,  from the parts or to the components of your description, logged in the flows of our current periods (menstruations of my Wife) and impartially said interconnected, dis-connected other enuretic flows in our analyses (cfr Deleuze versus Foucault on the concept: "Desire and Pleasure").
It was all in all interesting to converse with you, even if the clock is ticking. But think about Einstein's clocks when we line up to the speed of light? To line up to this speed means I think to create a space of events for the conversation, a consistence I would venture, if deleuze was right in saying that consistence is exo and endo.
Okay have fun && bye-bye!!§.
Lucy Strawnhassler.

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