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Jon Mendel jon_mendel at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 14 04:15:18 PST 2005

Thanks Sylvie.  I was planning to re-read Anti-Oedipus sometime soon, 
anyway (just need to wade through Hardt and Negri's Multitude first...), 
so will see what I find.


Sylvie Ruelle wrote:

> The statement below seems more like coming from Anti-Oedipus (maybe 
> somewhere in-between Imperial Representation and The Civilized 
> Capitalist Machine?); it was there where DG's first formulated how and 
> why capitalism actualized first in the West although all its elements 
> were already in place in the Orient.  This analysis came out from DG's 
> studies on Asiatic production and capitalism from the works of  
> Etienne Balazs, Maurice Godelier, and Fernand Braudel.
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