[D-G] set theory and Badiou

Chris Jones ccjones at ceinternet.com.au
Mon Feb 14 02:41:18 PST 2005

Dan according to my aphasic memory asked about set theory some time ago.

This reference from internet maybe of some use (sorry, need to do a
search to find, I rarely bookmark)

Lectures 1-3. Basic concepts of set theory, functions and relations
V. Borschev and B Partee.

Also: Set theory: Taming the infinite  chapter 2 (very basic

it is interesting that Badiou sets up Number as an ordered pair empty
set which is transitive and hence numbers are inconsistent... basically
this sets up a confrontation with transcendental idealism and so Deleuze
is a very close co-thinker, at least in my reading. It is almost the
flip opposite of my argument wrt poetics which says all numbers are
consistent intransitive feedback. So a nomadic poetics in Deleuze's
terms is inconsistent or does not exist which is also more or less what
Badiou would say. Anyways, the above lectures helped to refresh my
memory of set theory.

(As an aside, it also gets around the problem of poetics as
non-philosophy in the fold concept as equivocal and breaking univocity
in terms of the lyric and narrative distinction.)

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