[D-G] E-MAIL BOOKS -Discovery of the Self, ( a follow up)

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Feb 10 04:23:07 PST 2005

     TOME TWO VOLUME DEUX - an exhibition:
        a SWEETER discovery arrises Now in the SELF

    project: anticipation of sensation
    type: sensation-fiction
    ideology: DELEUZE-GUATTARI
     (also versed in Spinoza B., Nietzsche F.)
    name of the authoress: LUCY STRAWNHASSLER-

     PRE-INTRODUCTION     this version is the thrid
"orginal" distributed on the net. the first and second
version, identical though sent at ath a different
time, differ in that the second version had a short
explanatory commentary. this is a less "precious
document", but we let mind to you, somehow as to say,
hmm, that this 1)a cheaper version than the one you
get in general stores, and 2) it's filled with a
By the way, this author, Lucy, wishes to rejoice about
the idea that she can share , the idea, is that, this
IS new. It's a new way of making books. We no longer
will in future times, do blogs or e-mails, we writers,
and as Discovery of the Self points out, all of them
human, descendents of Lucy StrawnHassler being a bit
of a creative people (some brackets may-be, LOL),
okay, and then euh, huu, well, you, ksee, the fact is
we WILL CARRY ON, because you like it. You like that
way. This has a name actually. It's E-MAIL-BOOKS. 


T O P.

This vast intestinal contrictionism here , i s n o t
good to nothing!

PaslesMagasins, votre affiche est génial, je l'ai
adorée, envoyez en nous. Ciao.

Dear Madame,
Dear Monsieur
My name: Lucy Strawwhassler

Je suis venu d'Amérique car Paris c'est si chouette. I
am Lucy, or at least, I beleive it has been REVELATED
to me I was Lucy. Je veux vous dire que jeu suis de
coeur avec votre affiche et avec la France overall,
but what I want to make concisely, as reductability,
allows, as concise as possible, that I am THE OLDEST
LIVING APE ALIVE upon ground of earth planet. Je viens
de la forêt. J'ai débarqué hors des Arbres, j'ai
conquis un nouveau DOMAINE cé tout vert devent moi. Do
you UnderstanD? I am coming, look, only two hours ago
I was still a fossile. It appears someone or some
THING, or whatever IT IS! I have received an e-mail,
which hypnotised me, and I am no, or if you, it
deshypnotised me out of the status of Fossile. My
Phallus exerted it's power to Signify across the
Deleuze-Guattari List, and I am breathing again.
Wonder of Life, of all that is alive. Wonder, deeeeep
translike feeling of being actually the Ancestor, the
common root upon which is founded the WHOLE virtual
Archaelogical Tree of the Human Familly, my children.

You are my child, or my cousin, for it doesn't matter:
it happened so long ago. Ca cé passé si longtemps de
maintenant. Et tout ce temps incalculable avec
précision si on veut s'y mettre, impossible, I was
kinda dead, or solidified, a fossiled. An archeologist
might have been interested to psychoanalyse my Vagina
and Phallus intricated as concrete blocks dated at
carbon 14 billions years from this 10th february 2005
(for the future aercheologists this is the time I am
writing this to paslesmagasin collective.

PaslesMagasins collective at yahoo.fr 
paslesmagasins at yahoo.fr c'est une collectif, une colle
ektive excuse english mine no good, of people thinking
and producing hyghly schizophrenical panels about
lesbian art, which now is on the process of already
modyfying my Identity as a Self Discoverer of the
Self, and asks me if I would be subject to interest my
self as a potential participant in the emotional
landcape sign circles, or line of flight, any, the
athmospheric glue is highly psychotrophiyc, and that
import, to dwell, in art, the art need to get his dose
of by opening new relation, i am tired, tired, tired
-- go to bed - i need a bed? All these e-mails I
close, I close my domains, supernatural domain on the
Internet platfor m on this morning, shut dowsn,
repetitve shutting dosn.

It so itnerest what you have let me se,
paslesmagasins, it's very powerful your thinking
slides as cascading forms of water above a Niagara, or
a Yellow Stone, Iceland could be mentions, it's the
crack , it just a crack, but to remember a crack it
need to be open more, an somethiong is yet, capable
then of find ing new dimending in  remodelisation of
context with expression. But I have to drink a glass
rose (pink) christaline Beaujoeulais. Oh, 
the train left with out us?
C'est fini, les effets sont passée, j' ai été fier,
tout est retombée, vous ecrit ce qu est ben?j dommage,
il ne reste plus des ruines pour ici, c'esttriste, ils
vont devoir s'enaaaaakller
(sorry i wazs talking asa monomaniac,)


The Budapest institute of Modern Contemporaneous
Studies of Control Phenomenons, has developped an
interesting strategy which we wish you to bring to
your consciousness. We Just end e-mails by
experimentations with sleeping pills taken before the
writing, as as it can end the e-mail in a mannierist
way. The Border of Windows, Hewlett Packard, Compaq
and AppleMacintoshes, ARE LACKING crually any
mannierism. Let's decorate originally our e-mail by
making a resurfacing of the Baroque Iceberg IN the
MIDST of the Monitor.
Resistance brings ideas§!

Experiment 1
Taken under Acid Benzibuthol which re-inhibitate all
startas of Dopaminergetic -short circuit- towards, the
day, the is established until the effect of the drug
are less perceptible by the intelligent straw-dogs.
Idiotic strawcopsdogs out of 'em, common sensical,
precisely cops with blindspotting and trainspotting,
don't do anything and do some social acticity, like
resurfacing th current of the Neo-Bourgeois hegemony
in to thr blanket of structure, Chatagne Montrachet
appear strangely in their hands at buffet froid
(places where you eat cold vegetables, tomatoes,
carrots, etc)xhere it explains the vanishment (someone
uttered here the words BREAK! BREAK! and the voices
receded for a while and I could come back to the first
part of the text, to the introduction, about the
tackling of measuring thoughts under various pressures
exerted upon her by medication, and compaza comparing
the  jopssitio ,  the weird organisation (fractal in a
way) and the personnages conceptuel where around, we
we will  heading towards the cafetaria? B Not caring
anymore about the the , when the busses, and the car,
wanted a side walk to go roaming towards the Plan des
Causes, le jura jamais n'zuraz aur auraiz pu r'"ponde
à cette dédsrertiff²ficationn, other voices had learn
and now they started hululating heik heik, cOMODANT
sWAR 5THAT IS ME FOR THE Prussian Ca&poral Vladimir
VonHolendollen (Ubeninguhnen were more discreat
towards immediate bureaucracy, as we saw them all, by
diverse routes, monopolising rivers at the confluent
point, but quite in aval also. And the house of the
officers being so close I went and entered the
computer. I have to go sorry I leave you this e-mail,
but my organism now needs to be fossilised again, even
though for a brief period of time.

This was Lucy StrawHassler from the coordinator agency
of Internet Sciences Museum.

This draught is not possibly read for the lower
students, but the more intelligent and people who have
read with perspicacity the Bible of Vibrating Colors,
will have to redevelop new strategies for promulgating
a DEEPVIOLETPURPLE connectivity inside yellow pills
and their usual well balanced debate, mediatised
debates, all these are studies for later stage
discourse which we will carry on in NewYork Natural
History Museum, the oldest ape alive I am, and they
got interested by by denegation in cultural exchanges,
with various line of the Building, the Skycrappers
there outlines are refracting conformism in their
fabrication (ie.1989 Philip Johnson has received some
violent attacks.) being rediscussed recently, yet
somehow less as Saint-Valentin arrive.

Well, so the talk is not here, this is where we talk
about conducing experimental activity, and I wanted to
ask this group we have here, and which has produced
quite of an interesting landing off of a "sword" of
electrical restabilisation, and we ask thus OFFICIaLLY
this group if this "sword" to use a weird word, is not
de facto interested by non metaphorical experiment: i
have a program as rough but 1. electric beam
2. same beam, but now in relation to a pool of milk
coming from my breast/phallus/Signifyant, and just
like this, anarchically, and if succeess brings us its
good wind, then the wing of progress in the
demonstration of the potebntiality of this current
might , and historically, the condition of

Oui les amoureux sT Valentin arrive, et les affiches
de paslesmagasins nous sommes entraines loins dans des
courant où nous y escomptions bien de quelques
maigrelets pulsars de déterritorialisation ont été
réalisés dans notre petite équipe expérimentale du
Musée, pendant que l'équipes d'immanences, et les
kantiennes des transcendentales ont été dormir là, et
trouver le la, le do le doo, qui que il méritaeint,
qu'ils avaient si outrageusement peu mérité,
puisqu'ils ne sont pas venu aider l'équipe du Musée
Internet , et que cela est inadmissible dans un musée
tourné vers l'avenir si brillament depuis des
sciences, et que nous revenons en arrirères les aider
satisfaisant alors de grincement déprimant de tout un
et tout autre. Je refuserais cela, dussais-je ne pas
en être fort aimé, je me me rappelle que ce problème
n'est pas si grâve. j'abbandonne cette ta^che, les
expérimentateurs se passeront de mes services, cela
tant, experimentator will do away services, as o long,
les conservateurs eux seront présent demain à 25 heurs
à 1h c'est dire et JE PARS, il faut que je rêve un
peu. Ceci n'a plus beaucoup de sens pour bien des
gens, les cerveau ont probablement décollé de la
nacelle cartographique pourtant Vierge de sales
consideration qui partent maintenant au loin, les
Etats Unis le même jour s'en allait à la télé, ils
étaient dans le moniteur et ils s'envolaieient
disgracieusement hors des contraintes techiques de
ceere plan^ète. Une ambulance ou était ce des pompiers
aspérgèrent tout l'ordinateur d'un paralysant, ce qui
me remit progressivement dans la stase du fossil, ce
qui est interessant. Cet effet du sort aura surement
sauvé ce document d'experimentation que constitue cet
e-mail,du trist destruction que je comptais évaluer
pour le faire, alors que souvent ces choses m'ennuyent
M'ennuyent comme lire un mauvais livre de
pseudo-television remachée pour lire le livre,  et me
grattant, touchant mes orteils, enlevant les ongles
les uns après les autres, persuadé de voiloir remettre
l'auteur sur une vecteur que celui si faussement
"tragique", et narcissiquement il ne semble vouloir
que de cela, c'est dépassant comme un camyon a
friandise devant un amoureux de bonbons,  de mon
esprit quand j'y pense il y a riend de logique, et me
rendenr rendent nerveunt. mmmf grmmpphh Chômage
technique adu ieu.

Lucy Strawshassler Bucarest Internet Secure Museum of
Co-ordinated Studies evaluation in democracy the rise
of intellect in people who go on the Deleuze Guattari
List. This is as good as Kiwi rivers being reflecting
our hopes in Austral Continents /Islands . Oh com'on
Sissi you know I am such a desperate worm in the apple
of Deleuze and Guattari, I need to go back to some zoo
so as to understand from within the limits of



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