[D-G] because i think we should be presenting/uintroducing the members EMOTIONALLY and not only CONCEPTUALLY OJKAY?

Lucy LeGentilSinge lucy100millionyearsold at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Feb 9 23:42:36 PST 2005

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Identifiant de membre: VX0007127
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	Je suis:
Sexe:  Femme
Âge:  32 ans
Origine Ethnique:  Métisse
Situation de famille:  Union libre
Résidant à:
Bruxelles - Brussel, Bruxelles - Brussel, Belgique
Femme, 18 - 38 ans 	
I am very interested nowadays in presenting this brief
intro to myself as a human gifted with various
capacity: i can type on keyboard, i can manage going
in different locations within both street, pedestrian,
underground, and elevators, i can manage irony,
symbolism, counter-current a-cultural generousity, i
wish i could meet someone intellegient with whom i
would have conversation, i am a bit difficult as to
what concern the use of the computer in the internet
it has to meet certain wall, i need to protect myself
from the seduction of other people, but i like sexual
intercourse provided we do it behind walls, i have
been several time in Spain where I discovered that
U-Violets are very nice rays for US humans but i am
scared of the ozone layer fallout even though they
have said to be a vanishing of this problem, it is an
obsessive guilt cast upon our governments not to care
enough about POLLUTION:!!!cars, buses are driving.
well you have understood, i am all about wanking,
humour, seductive humour, absrasive politics, love,
friendshiep non sensne, sadness, melancholy, suicide,
medication against depressive feeling sometimes to be
honest, i am not a clown i am a touchy human being.

thanks for listening!
meet you soon hopefully enough i think? okay$$.
 Sexe:  Femme
 Âge:  32 ans
 Origine Ethnique:  Métisse
 Situation de famille:  Union libre
 Enfant(s):  0
 Religion:  Bouddhiste
 Alcool:  Bois à l’occasion
 Tabac:  Fumeur Occasionnel
 Profession:  Pub/Média/Divertissement
 Études:  Baccalauréat
 Langues:  Anglais (Courant), Hébreu (Courant),
Tagalog (Notions), Cantonais (Notions)
 Intérêts:   Art / Artisanat, Arts Martiaux, Billard /
Billard Americain / Fléchettes, Cinéma / Films,
Littérature / Histoire, Musique - Blues/Jazz, Musique
- Danse / Électronique, Musique - Latine, Yoga /
well, bonjour je suis une très jolie garçone (un singe
vieux d'un million d'années) trs cool je crois ça
suffit dire que je marche a quatre patte le matin et a
deux sur internet, je suis divisée schizo quoi.
mais très intègre, stable mentalement (contrairement à
ce que cette écriture légèrement déviant il est vrai
pourrait tendre à vous te faire penser of course baby.
i am very honest, that's my main flaw i beleive.
 Yeux:  Verts
 Cheveux:  Auburns
 Physique:  Mince
 Taille:  1,70m à 1,80m ( 5'7"-5'11" )
i want to find a match who meets the criterium of
seductor which also me, as a DonJuan, a seductor, i
want to meet a top class seductress, be she a
seductive of the Mind, or of the Body, and both, of
course , because expression and content can
desarticulate towards a body without organ as Gilles
Deleuze and Felix Guattari (french century xx
philosopher of POP PHilosophy attested in their
connected worx)

I want someone who has sex appeal, who has got money,
who has got genius, and who likes gymnastyc, i mean an
ability to move arms and legs, i want a paralytic, i
want an ecologist both of socius and nature, i want a
poor, a victim of the crusades of repressive guilt and
violence of the fifth degree, i want you and me
together to live a life of happyness flower power and
music, dance art, cultural agendas to flow between you
and me. this was just an intro not a serious
commitment, if YOU ARE REALLY COMMITTED (and i don't
like perverted girls but i am not a mormon either let
it be clear though yup) and by the way, oh no it's
okay, no time to do an epilogue. kiss darlings!!
 Sexe:  Femme
 Âge min:  18 ans
 Âge max:  38 ans
 Recherche:  Amitié, Compagnon de voyage, Compagnon
irrégulier, Mariage, Partenaire d'activité, Relation
amoureuse, Romance

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