[D-G] frigidity or bwo filled

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Fri Dec 30 01:29:45 PST 2005

fulfillment for orders of hindu enlightenment

value of wealth (achieving this order is a very important beginning
step for over coming our personal karmatical "bad" germs.)

sesual pleasure ( another tier to reach, like the tantric teaches,
perhaps king-kong gets harry hands from holding sweaty movie stars?
did you see the movie x-rated version?)

duty, ritiousness (if we approach this stage, we begin playing a silly
roll, but i suppose hindus do what they do... bollywood=hollywood)

unity of ideas
freedom from illusion
fear ignorance leading to the preceptio of te highst truth, unity of all being
freedom from delusion - like from theBhagavad Gita
and the upanishads
gendogi who is that guy?

the dark room, illusions of the cobra, in fact its only an illusion a
bit of rope.
1500 bc indian premise, ideal set of values

through more light we become aware, fear is absolved
fear is brought  to a situation, clouding over the situation

truth of harmony, illusion of seperatness

the disciplined man sees the oneness of life... ghandi modern hinduism

basis of marriage not heritity
bhraman - goodness wisdon
raha - feerless
ok sure, plato against equality
"equality" as a concept came into being in western thought 1700
key difference between greek thought and hindu thought
for the hindu wants very little to do with politics, it leads to more
darkness inside the room.
so why cant political figures do that ?....
because of the constitution of the self
what constitution of self? is it like a roll that is played in a
theater social-play, like some bizarre zarathustrian type-casting?

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