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terrorists are nice people. they have a familly, a kid or two, and they ignore all what is wrong with killing people, they have swallowed a radio, its paranoia which makes its way in their mind from the states. the states are powerfull and fear to lose this power, so it's normal paranoia setles in their ideas and statements they produce reflect this sickness. but its fear actually, fear that they experience as something destroys their way of life. but terrorist are not paranoid themselves, they try to regain this lost destroyed thing.or to gain something better, something like love but they don't know how to hadle love and thus destroy what destroys them. so the wall street center explosion testifys western capitalism was destroying them. in the case of the underground attacks in london: what destroys them is the underground way of life in london which was destructive of the affiliated to this network. unless the target was different. it was the idle way of life that was coming
 concerned by the bourgeoisie of aest.
  now the labor-right movement in NYC is of course totally different a destruction, as you self pointed , laboright movements middle moment in the cris, modernity is difficult to analize. yet i think there is match middle class cerole creole car middle class users in the streets. the metro is my job,i need to do this modern strike,  in the event mayor bloombergh tell you trucks cannot come and kids can arrive late at school, maybe lets say li mayor is macho, because bloombergh mayor is volontarilly collision with woltinsky mort no solenitsin, carter and colera, art and politics, maybe ma mort est celle qu'il recherche, il peut pas ma capine m'a dit qui la pas body super organ, po body cart mo car, cart modern, moerto, poder, lima , ilimol colil; car is a cgreat issue in this days.
  car is a big issue
  car is a big issue
  politic cannot art mort politic moch lima, coke, morales its nice lets talk in this language eretz israel mattar palestinians attacks politics, politics politics, art, mort (death) mort, politics, art, culture, politics, art, culture, suicide, ? talk.

NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:
  the dalai lama comments were quoted from various webblogs to show the
general dialog that led up to his speech and after. I especially was
pleased to find at the end, after the anticipation and after the event
itself, was the comment about the audience question, asking for the
lama's consent to the general scientific process. and as expected
science (as a generality) indeed is granted the moral prudence of the
lama. I tried to read these blogs without too much "reading into it"
but the episode involving the petition against the lama reeks of
counter-intelligence propaganda and made me feel as if the lama's
blessing was a matter of price.
As the leader of his tantic version of buddism, the lama travels the
world to collect money by speaking at events. He has shared the stage
with many great people around the world. the lama has a radicalism
associated with him. according to belief, he has been sent to our
world plane to help us with all the karmic repairs that are currently
going on this plane. To most buddhists, our plane is a "low" plane or
even an "evil" plane, that needs much help from other stronger-higher
souls from other planes. that is why the lama is reincarnated here on
As a method of technique to "cure" our ills on this plane, the lama
concentrates on "satisfying desire", a central tenet to tantric
buddhist technique. In the case of his talk to neurobiologist in
Washington, the lama was saying "yes" to whatever it takes to bring
science to the point of getting us to a higher consciousness. In
another part of his lecture, not quoted above, the lama concedes to
the use of science to bring humanity to a higher consciouness. like it
would be okay with him to swallow an "intelligence pill" for

you dont have to be the dalai lama to know that humanity is lacking in
consciouness right now and I think most would concede that science
(mathmatics biology physcs etc included) seems to be the only savior
we have against the madness we are seeing in our world. But it seems
to me that, like a pope, the lama is used to get a faith based
approval for questionable agenda. Furthermore it seems to me that the
lama's only role in the arrangement is to submit to science, does he
have any other voice. it seems odd to me that the lama would use his
oppertunity as a "non-scientific-expander-of-consciouness" to submit
to the the scientific method. where was his voice? the thrust of his
talk was on meditation, and its use for expanding consciouness (in
terms of logos, meditation is a lack of logos expandsion and instead
works illumiates that negative space which logos cannot reach withing
the context of the absolute.)
To me the lama's position on these matters seems very weak and it is
his faith based reputation which is being used to say yes to an
obscure omnipotent scientific agenda that is again coming from the
institution. I'm not ready to say this bad or anything, but it seems
to be an interesting consession of some international significance.

Meanwhile the subway strike continues in NYC, and the mayor bloomberg
can be seen smiling all over the news. Pictures of him early this
morning at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge shaking hands and smiling
with people who've just walked across it, walking to work. it was an
event that resembled the afternoon of 9-11 when the subways system
collapsed. So Why would the mayor be smiling at this disaster? well,
for him it is a political victory, not only will he be suing all the
workers who've gone to strike, but now in the minds of most New
yorkers, the organized strike perfectly resembles the aftermath of a
terrorist attack itself. finally, "labor-rights" are becoming linked
to "terrorism".....
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