[D-G] color In Bilmas Buldant.

Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 22 21:45:05 PST 2005

Dear liza,   You have received this email because you have requested
a new Lucas Online account password be sent to you.       Your new password is: 2CG5RD87 
  Bobba Fett is here and needs to be taken care of. Please become a hyperactive member (only 16.99$ for international members) and tell Bobba that he does not have to fear Padme. (and the Nabbu) Is actually Mandaloria close to Nabuu? I need to know because Bobba is scared to death Padme is not happy about something concerning his deeds in The Niet Colaboration Vilain Coertitive Measures Mandated by Chancellor Vallorum. Earthyan usually don't get into those things. Business. Colaboration with Mandaloria is forbidden by Nato's decrees. Bi Advized Citizens.

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