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Fri Dec 2 14:03:19 PST 2005

I guess Dorthy in her silver slippers found lots of poppies along the
golden path of the yellow-brick road. some of the political
interpretations of baum's wizard of oz have revealed a bit of this

from WIKI:
The poppy fields possibly represent Americans' fear of opium, linked
to China and "the Orient". The poppy fields are also often viewed as
representing America's foray into imperialism in Asia. Populists
railed against imperialism because it distracted the United States (as
the poppy fields distracted Dorothy from her goal of reaching the
Emerald City) from dealing with the domestic troubles after the
Depression of 1893. (Sure, the nation was slowly recovering, but this
is still politics).

the boring boring delusional politics of bimetalism (silver and gold
financially untited,1900) are pre-figured for the reader as a dream
(not so boring, the tornado of popular revolution). the narrative too
often obscures thhe facts.. it can only do that, even if the narrative
fits the facts precisely it will fall prey to the laws of the rhebis,
and will do so with every enactment of the loop, which is why it
becomes a loop. effectively taking us further away with every
generation, we loose tempo relative to
"if-we-hadn't-relied-on-narrative". (homer liked to use the tempo
control of iambic-pentameter to fabricate his history. - zizek's
clown-version of history is equally devisive) and so when the wizards
of oz-hollywood "donned baum's coat" they also donned the emerald
spectacles that rendered their OZ city a-new! witchcraft was a-foot!
now on color-tv the emerald city really looks green! the future will
have better graphics. taking away our personal universal-ability to
construct narratives out of information that is within "arms_lenth".
imposing personal tempo was central to the lion's problem. some of us
are becoming thralls and some of us are un-becoming thralls, we talk
about the same thrall-ness but we use different p.o.v., grammar is how
we identify false-narratives.

"even sleepers are workers and collaborators on what goes on in the universe."

what the great-grand father of econonmic theory is pin-pointing is the
exact same thing that the neurenberg trials outlined.. which was that
those people who en-acted (like a wtich-craft) the genocide (poisonous
weapons) were also guilty, because they consciously did nothing to
stop it. mega-lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Claus von Buhlo's buddy, seems
fitting to take thhe case which is slowly being raised against some of
those criminal Senators we have running the USA.
 who might those be? well according to the Hague confrence (to stop
the use of poisonous weapons in 1900) pretty much every US Senator and
whoever the equivalent would be in UK ... not just bush or rove or
libby but hundres more.... basicaly anyone who knowingly allowed/s
(this is going on right now!) for the dumping of radioactive waste
into the mid-east, through weoponry. that includes terrorists too,
anyone, who used/s radioactive bullets manufactured in places like
Milwaukee WI USA. Most of this waste is sold by the US govt. to the
weapons manufactures who then sell it back as " weaponry". I think of
all the failed artists from Milwaukee. and and the labor they put into
their art, bringing it to "big" city craft-fairs in Chicago, NYC. All
the artistic nick-knacks and witchery that take time to make, the
prep-time, prunning the feathers, like soldering arrowheads, prepping
for rockstar battle. what battle? Do you see a battle?

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