[D-G] darth hitler

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Fri Dec 2 00:31:03 PST 2005

any kind of direct link to the stage is most enjoyable, perhaps some
chain of links that connect hitler to the stage. hitler himself, that
mangled ego, really can be as perverse as he wants, ultimately he is a
schizophrenic tool, a host of techniques, batch script calculators,
like the ibm machines that coded the slaves at auschwitz mining camps
and also transfered the funds (electronically over the wire) from the
camps' then asset holders who sold their assets to a ring of NYC
bankers, including prescott bush, were rounded up in late '42 and
stopped, but their affairs were allowed to continue after truman. you 
know that in 1919, poland was designed to be invade by germany, during
the paris peace conference. at the time, bizmarkie's "concerted"
diplomancy was getting fowled up by disenchanted "rebels", united
artists who directed their expression of violence towards private
property, so in 1919 the world was redrawn along an axis, that linear
gravity, bending the boundries so that mercilous armies could march
through the european corridor and squelch uprisings. ....
miro was using art to sell spanish communism defenders, Roussou killed
his celluloid ghost before the nazis copulated paris
commedia dell arte was spontaneously being created in polish death
camps, and jerry lewis wants to make a united artist movie production
out of it!!!!
one of the basic and original commedia characters, the zanni, comes
from early 1600's, disenchanted lower classes that were brought down
to ranks of mere peasantry because of the cheaper services that
Ottoman slave labor could provide (such was the market penduluum), it
was growing cities like Venice that they would to turn to for finding
work, bringing not much more than a clownish stumble. (moving to the
city, just like highsch. teacher matthew brodrick at the end of
"Election", what a clever reversal, he was a zanni all along, but he
played it like a lover!!) So anyway, that's how the story supposedly
began, it can also be a game of telephone if nonsense is worth

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