[D-G] impossibility of interactivity on the internet for me

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Hello Liza,

the quote with the Eskimos should remind  on Zappa's "don't you eat that
yellow snow" which is
a slang for drugs I think heroin).

greetings Harald Wenk

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yes it's the sufferings of the Esquimos that more exactly yet there's a
possibility for an  Esquimo to escape thus from, its an change of forces.
its very difficult to understand at the moment on such a list.

NZ <pretzelworld at gmail.com> wrote:  my jello-mind is getting frightful of
the pointy-point. I am sensitive
to intense communications. I know I know what I think the point you
are making because it is very clear. but some of the terminology is
unclear. There are a few more books that I've been meaning to read
lately, I just cant remember their titles right now. I think one of
them was talking about the same thing, whatever that is. W hen I read
Deleuze, I think about diffent things, lots of times. I really like
the quote about Eskimos, this isn't a quote exactly but .... its a
quote of a quote (3x)...

"Why would you want to become a smelly yello greasey Eskimo? But,
supposing that you did, then you'd have at least destroyed the Eskimo
that youd become."
DyG dont want you to murder anybody, no no no, they're talking about
the technique that gets used for "becoming". how it yields a result
and that there is no way of stopping it in the middle. They're not
even being judgemental about the technique, kinda offered up as
poetry, (perhaps for folding useful for subversion). BwO

So if we are all running around with "krishna's K-trip" in our head,
what is there to do once we see it for what it is? Well, after
Identity, then its the technique that allows us to keep it in there or
let it loose. I mean specific techniques like masonry or igloo
building, or like Maholy-Nagy's bauhaus, or like Robert Moses, who
parted the seas in NYC's melting pot, of urban redistricting. most of
R.Moses technique was stolen from other greats (such as bridge builder
Othmar Ammann), but it was technique nonetheless. how else (other than
technique) could R.Moses make the yazam-dreams of corrupt urban
landowners come true?

techniques like the photo-chemical baths that Muybridge brought to
instantaneous photography in 1875 which were taken/folded/taken from
the Modoc ghostdance bathing rituals. at the time, this genius
Muybridge was a brain-damaged, murderous goon who had put his 10yr old
son up for adoption so he could work for John Stanford - the guy who
invented "time zones." After Stanford left him, Muybridge turned to
Edison who was also looking for techniques, techniques that
cinematically blended sight and sound so that he could expand the
markets for his roster pop-song recording artists. these artists stole
the techniques of whistling field workers, 100 years before elvis, 30
years before popular radio and waay before gore invented the internet.
(now do you know he is an employee of google?)

now look, its no big surprise that Stanford is at the center of this
whole internet, what with spawning google, windows, and apple all
together at the same keg party. (yep its a kegger, Shotgun!!!! b.y.o.
BwO!!) And why does PV & Tofler & NewtGingritch say that the world is
speeding up? Because of things like the Stanford computers that
facitate the recording and playback of automata-technique. The
printer, that actualizes data, en-acting script. (Can you imagine
R.Moses with a printer that could print actual concrete roadway?)
Well, its that actual technique becoming separated (reterritorialized)
from the actual person that used actual brain-neurons(identity) to
conceive of the technique and distribute it through an actual nervous
system to move the muscles that will en-act this or that upon the
world. (isn't that what you were saying before?)

I like robbe-grillet's "new york city revolution" where actors read
from a script, which if acted out properly will en-act a worldwide
revolution, of course, that revolution is completely scripted. ha-ha,
but it's also a seriously pointy point, cuz, there is a big difference
from what is in your jello-head and what is in the raw-data world. The
mouse neurons that connect "red door" with "cheese" are two raw-data
bits in a tiny mouse-narrative that is also ... also encapsulated
within the larger narative of the neurobologist who thinks these silly
mouse games will help the CIA make this world a better place for
himself. but the mouse neurons can connect without showing results,
the narrative can exist without being en-acted (bloggers). thats why
the mouse is starved, so that results are consistant, so that the
techniques of the reptilian-nervous-system forcibly kick the
mammalian-brain out of the way. once the mouse has "choosen" to act
upon that neural-connection and actually en-act that connection in the
world, (ie, stop trying to escape and instead crawl through the red
door to get the cheese) then finally the scientist's narrative can be
proven fallible and CIA-logos can be championed.
If you are worried about loss of power don't fret pretzel, cuz all the
power still belongs to the non-schizoid scientist, artist, academian,
non-thrall , non-gigantuserectus, yeti-child, non-sex, anti-nihilist,
and (Silence is not a good way to gain tempo control of power, it will
just pass the ethical-buck to the next inevitable loudmouthed talent
that comes along ready to give-up personal technique for the
capitalist-phalogos. (I'm talking about Outsiders like rick rubins who
sold out lowerclass music to peddle freemarket racial-identity, hiphop
and metal) We are not alone and I think it is wrong to act alone in
the way that Job Matusow did in "False Witness" during his retarded
subversion of Joe McCarty, at the end just he en-acted a lot of
stupidity and left the real monster h.u.a.c. untouched.

....But the power that the scientist-yeti-child has is in
un-Identifing himself with the counter-intelligence agenda and
en-acting his own Identity upon the situation. Like with Perseus and
Medusa, he didn't look directly at her, he did what he's most
comfortable doing, he looked into the mirror of his god-given shield
and used sophisicated optical folding-techniques to aim his fatal
blow. So I dont ever be affraid of pointy forbidden knowlege.
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