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Liza Kozner liza_kozner at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Dec 1 10:21:41 PST 2005

  Hi Maria. at least two uses of internet.
  1)the computer used for writing emails
  constructing the mode's _expression
  according to, a) subjectivity outside
  of the network, with a mode of _expression on the network
  (two axes, content, _expression, degrees of de-territorialization)
  (different modes of emotion, love, 
  ideas). my space is this for example, this text i am, you are, 
  writing, in continuity to other text i/you might have written,
  or will write. the continuity is then a territory, and
  _expression is subjectified by the territory, or on most sites rules of moderation as well atomise the mode's _expression)
  b)a territory, with closeness to the limits of possibilities of the medium (people will stop using network if their bodies meet outside of network, for the time their bodyes will enjoy the outside of internet, and distance: for example one can fathom about death of the subjectivity behind 
  life out of the _expression, : or when the subjectivity 
  has a life outside of the network which needs not be appearing, as when say you or a subjectivity internet avatar would "jumpin and jump out" in "the rhizome" (i put bracket as it is a rhizome that is not yet constructed for rhizoming's sake, but by the will external to it, by some Transcendant to the rhizome, you follow me there?) anyway it seems there are matters which do not be taken by the bind, the pinch of the internet modes of _expression, some which are belonging to the rhizome-with-Transcendance (a definition of internet as is used most commonly when not articulated, when this jumpin and jump out is not matter of interest for the modes close or distant of internet relationships, rhizome-with-Transcendant thus) 
  matters important for _expression, matters not important. how is decided what is important? the interest of the group to which you're subscribed to. that is for the conventional use of internet, 2) it is not the virtual interest of a group, but the use of internet is alternative. for example, one would be using internet with no convention, with no Transcendant in the rhizome, or give, that would be the way to find a rhizomization that is exterior to the axiomatic of the territories of the subjectivities (linked by group interest or megasubjectivities, such capitalist sometimes paranoid as western subjectivitY as influencing territorial subjectivities for example) using internet with no clear imagination there's a possibility of alternative to the use of internet as rhizome with Transcendant, ...
  the alternative use, the rhizome wanted within immanence comprehends a work on the _expression of the mode, a work on the subjectivity, which posits internet productions , events, as well precisely things to be created, not natural, given by a transcendant. the mode is alone facing the internet, and needs the natural way to come to an end, why so you thought/ had impression I was commanding something, being authoritative (when asking we gather our energy to open a new way of communication between our "selves") the modes is alone, and do not make a distinction between private and shared files. the personnality, the territories simply do not make any sense for this second way, the conventions are not a contract, they are artificial/natural, and could, must be taken into account, discussed, modified, if we want to live outside of internet, or outside of the Transcendant despotic rule on the possibilities of the medium.
  what are these possibilities. it's difficult to say, as i say: let's construct them the rhizome. they 're not a given, if they are, it's the Transcendant, that is the passivity that rules, the passivity of silent users, and hyperactive ones. (even hyperactive users are passive, because the Internet, seen this way, is a kind of dead end, a closed world, do you see why? do i need to explain. the world is outside, outside of the rhizome that is wished to be constructed by the modes who do not accept the internet conventions as a given once and for all, do not accept that there should be domains on internet, group interest, modulation sizelling our subjectivities in their life as the most singular thing, the spinozist dynamic essence of the mode, thus: internet needs at first to be considered as a part of life, which everybody does. thence once seen as such, we can make the choice, either to preserve this oedipian space, and leave it as actually a dead platform, or to make use of
 Internet as that which can help the encounters between people of all the world. by internet we can communicate, even if i am living in Barbado, I can encounter someone who lives in New Zealand, i would have no chance of meeting, someone with whom i could be friend, and not by chance of circumstances, of hazard, but because i can select the good encounters in friendship. likely, internet can be a way to meet between people with affinities, to meet within the needs expressed by the dynamic essence of yours. so it can have incredible possibilities. but people need first to dismantle the links of convention, learn to see the possibility of a computer (Guattari makes a reference to it in Chaosmose, describing the Word Processor, the work on _expression by Text Treatment Machines, as a possibility for a development of the singular life)  and forget about 1) Society's Convention when your on Internet, because its the place where you can find solitude, internet is the place where we can
 meet other ghosts, who can look for their own solitude, and ghost looking for their own solitude, can meet in function of this solitude, and make friendship, go out of Internet, meet, construct subjectivities who do more than communicating their personal egos and opinions, who see this as possible, who learn new confidence in themselves, in the world. that's why i say, everybody on internet, let's think about that and work towards that goal. there's nothing i could command you doing. it's to your essence i am talking, not to your interactive codes. salud.

maria-belen ordonez <mbelen at yorku.ca> wrote:
Is my name the only name to be evoked/provoked as silent. Worse yet, next to
claims of "true" subjectivities that feel compelled to point to their own list
participation. A rhizome for me is extended at unexpected and unpredictable
moments--not on command. When I feel like jumping in i will--thanks for your
interst, concern, anxiety, nervous, and at times interesting rants Liza/Bart.
Fart away to your heart's content.


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