[D-G] sex appeal pf the inorganic

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 30 08:19:48 PDT 2005

about inserting yourself in the dg list adequately
i became a _thing which feels_
and which could share the astonishment
of comparing myself
to other listed bodies
as well here indexed on the waves 
surfed from the inside of the surface curve
surfing inside the surface curve 
i was vertically axed as the wave made its departure to me to see the sea
through the clear abyssal body of water
inorganically rolling, filled with mousse bathfoam, bubbles of air,
and stounding soundtracks as projectilised fossiles of turquoise water, 
dried the mixing of me as i melt
in the sand of the beach, tanning under the sun which smiled
Mark Crosby <Crosby_M at rocketmail.com> wrote:
--- Liza Kozner 
> deceived by the title of the book.,the sex appeal of
> the inorganic is not one book thus we would
> recommand buying.

very funny! I would not COMMAND buying it either. But
I would RECOMMEND (in addition to Steve Shaviro's
review that I mentioned) Anna Camaiti Hostert's "Sexy
Things" 5-page discussion of Perniola's book at

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