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Dear Pretzel,
I like your letter. Its taken me by surprise. I think you are talking about our monkey Gondo who learned to talk, and you see that he wants to be perfect, and so he makes it all up and starts getting rhetorical. Its getting on my nerve also, but you phrase it well. 10/10 you got a grade A in University when you studied English i am right? Its wonderful what you do with Gondo text, they are set upside down and you proof a lot about the dignity of your litterature, ANSD of litterature as against pop mix soup of pseudo artists like this sleazy shakespear. GREAT JOB Keep it up
some message vanquardish the splaze of thyne texto dear amigo. uts just there to applaud. you are wonderous. see you in Montreal soon,.

tossing dwarfs shows that their diminutive gravity (present in the
grammar of all matter) is really inconsequential compared to the
gravity of the earth, inconsequential to the the gravity of the sun,
etc. (depends which branch of the tree you are sitting on, most
grammar is specific to this)
here you talk like the dwarf of Zarathustra's that Friederish has imagined. I guess its
was so because Jumbos ear are learning with you. Jumbo yet is not Gondo and you are write. 
The tree parabola in yur disclosure of the Truth ist very Truth. ots shows a nonlinear direct absolute. God is perfect and you are worthy of this.

dumbo, diminutive freak. the spirit of gravity is a part of dumbo's
grammer, but he negates this dialectic with his cartoon ears, not for
hearing, quite the opposite, his ears are used to create rhetoric,
amazing cartoon rhetoric which destroys the rhetoric of the evil
cartoon circus and the death they bring his cartoon mother. this is
walt disney, a man who served in the very same WW2 ambulance unit as
crocker (who 10 years later gave the world McDonalds) -
 this is
rhetorical absolution.
 the grammar is mythic but how useful is it if
you are not a capitalist.
It is like shakespeare prostelatizing for  the king of england,

perfecting hundreds commedia plays and combining them into one,
changing the language from italian to english, and adding the king at
the end to make it all better. mythic and useful only if you are a
member of that chosen rhetoric. creating the differend-rhizoma,
perhaps stronger than the connecting-rhizoma.

learning the mind of the capitalist has much to do with this
absolution (one-branch grammer of rhetocial gravity). it is not
dialectic in the logos, it is rhetorical (changing sure, but  still
rhetorical - just absolving constantly) like the absolution of death. 
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i thought you were on a deluze Nietsche list but its not too late to change.

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