[D-G] Relocalisation to another Planet

Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 18:19:03 PDT 2005

Hillo Bobba,
I am in L Hotel de la Salade Bleue,
Je chuis un petit singe, Me small gentle monkey-chimp, I am Earthyan, i live on Blue Planet, I am very small, I am a Chimp that has been discovered a transie by my Master Lucy. Lucy, glurps, Lucyu is my Old Master, but I have been appointed to the apprenctiship of Lord Sidious as a baby transie with implanted hormones that produces melk. I have recently discovered that unlike Professeur Shreber I have milk flouring out of my skin at the level of the female breast. its male teets organically growing and also i have big vagina now. But doctors say I am still male because of the Testicule. Doctor find my smell is yet that of a female and I pour Chimp Perfume while waring Musc Brazilian Necklace around the neck to proof to Master Sidious I am a good apprentice. I don`t undertsand why though you go to the Good Side of the Force, why you resign from working with Dark Vador. Are you joking are you talking real. I NEVER UNDERSTAND ANYTHING WITH OTHER SPECIES, 
If for real please leave me a word I want to go with you in your SHIP.
Regards aswell
Gondo Minnie.

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