[D-G] Re: Deleuze Impossibility to THINK

Boba Fett the_mandalorian_fett at hotmail.co.uk
Thu Aug 18 18:03:13 PDT 2005

Dear Dana,

I am also on Sirrius C. I have been contacted by an Agent who has kindly 
informed me of your presence on the same Planet . I indeed have relocated 
definitively from Mandaloria to Sirrius C.

In case you indeed wish to see me I will be here for a while, the time my 
ship is repaired and I can see Princess Mononoke, the super top secret 
Daughter of Leia and Gilles. The time is ripe Sirrius C gets informed about  
her presence here. But allow please this information to be distributed in 
every safe port, away from the Empire. I indeed have decided to play both 
channels of information, and disinform one while informing an other. So, 
Luke can be introduced aswell in Gilles Deleuze sperm.

Princess Mononoke has got turquoise blood and she speaks fluent french.

Beware if you betray me this time.


Bobba The Mandalorian, to the Service of Flash Gordon .

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