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Gondo -Minnie gondominnie at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 13 07:32:55 PDT 2005

Is Clifford Duffy on this list.
I think we might disagree on some ideas, but he is
cultivated, and I have the impression we have not seen
the maximum of our encountering capability.

So If you know him, can you ask him if its possible he
might consider seeing me while I am in Montreal.

Or is it actually better that we avoid each other. 

I have the feeling when I met him last year, I was
catatonic. So I could not really have the conversation
that could be true. And to me theres s nothing
satisfactory in this escape from the real event of
meeting, the relation, not the personnas.

I hope this can seed in his mind.

I am arriving soon in Montreal, and I wish he could
just re-start the things that we did. He met someone
else, and he pretends in his mind to have actually
really met with me in his body and mind. This is so
false, I am sorry. I am someone I dont even know what
we are capable of, and

Sorry this is not about the Deleuze List. I dont care shit.

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