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I can relate, Sylvie. Don't drink, don't smoke. ("What do you do?" --
Adam and the Ants, I think?) People are nonplussed when they learn I
have devoted my life to celebrating, to sin, to the Dionysian, and yet
I seem so -- moral. They can only understand chaos as total abandon,
as gross annihilation. But that is not how it works for me. I can feel
the pulse of life in a much more subtle rhythm; I do not need to
destroy order because I can feel the chaos seething underneath it. My
own exuberance finds form in the infinite depth of my love for gentler
pleasures, gentler tastes. I enrapture myself on instinct and on
consciousness, not on loss or dulling or in-toxic-ation. I feast on
garlic stuffed olives and steak soup with brie and brown sauce and
whole wheat bread with week-old butter, not pills or needles. My
orgies (usually) take only one other participant -- at most! -- and,
if I want, I can get drunk on water. There is more feeling of power in
the quiet flexing of my muscles on a long walk about town, than in the
routinized absurdity of club dancing. These are my reveries.

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> i remember someone saying at one time: "why is your life so boring?
> Have you ever tried drugs?  Why don't you ever go out? (etc.)" and I
> explained that I always was 'way out there'in myself,  I never had the
> need for drugs, when I went out it was to look at architecture.  That,
> by my living like this since childhood, having a 'boring' life was
> actually not so boring to me.
> :0)

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